The 12 Fastest (and Safest) Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

What are the best ways to drive traffic to your website?

If you have a blog or a website, getting as much traffic as possible to the must be your primary and quintessential goal; and quite a legitimate one. But to achieve that for real requires a lot of effort an thoughtful planning – starting right from the website design and ending with reaching as many audience as you can and everything in between.


Best Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

There are some ways to get the traffic quickly, but they are questionable in the eyes of the search engines; and then there are some who are fast but also safe for you to implement, get your job done and not get into penalties. Here is a list of 12 such ways – but remember, you have to work them together.


1. On-page SEO

If you thought that SEO is a backdated idea which does not make much difference, you might think again. Certain seemingly insignificant but important tricks, for example, putting your articles in the right categories or using the busy hashtags or creating interconnected links – they will always work for you.

Online marketer and influencer Neil Patel has something to say in this video about the simple blog site SEO activities to grab more eyeballs to your page.


2. Know your content and write them well

Whether you write it on your own or hire a content writer for you, make sure they are on-point. Content always speaks volumes about your website. Be regular in content updating, keep them attractive and engaging and bring in variety – news pieces, listicles, and long feature articles – as long as the relevancy of it clicks with the audience.

Great content is always a foolproof way to attract more traffic – if you offer good stuff, they will be interested – in is as simple as that.


3. Keep your headlines inviting

The headline is the first thing the audience would see in your content; so needless to say, you got to keep them enticing enough for them to click on. But do not go down the click bait way – that is quite often bordering on the Black Hat SEO activities premise and not always a good option even though it might get you initial traffic.

Always remember, the headline should be good, but it works well in the long run only if the content is equally good.


4. Implement schema on your website

Implementation of schema does not really mean increased traffic, but it makes sure that search engine crawlers find your website pages quickly and deem them better than the rest. Sometimes it also helps in getting the snippets; which means a higher click-through rate and more views on your website.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for setting up websites, and to get an extensive and detailed guide about schema implementation in WordPress, this article might be useful.


5. Target the right keywords

Your keywords will depend heavily on how you want to protect your business. For local audience, the keywords need to be researched and optimised for Local SEO like ‘restaurants in Connaught Place Delhi’ and for a global audience, it will be more like ‘cafes in the United States’.

You know exactly where you belong. Also, using long-tail keywords is much more effective than general ones – the more specificity your offer, the better response you get.


6. Be interactive on your site

The audience likes active interaction – in that way they feel like they are actually interacting with a human instead of such a digital façade. Keep options for feedback forms on your site, chat boxes for query and assistance and reply to comments on your posts once in a while.

These will keep your website active and also send out a message to a close-knit community among your existing and potential clients.


7. Use the right meta description

The Meta description on your site is meant for explaining what you plan to do with your site. The name of the site might often be quirky and not exactly convey that message; that is where the Meta description comes in to tell that to your audience in clear words.

If you do not write it lucid and clear enough, you might be losing out on traffic. It applies not only to your own website or blog page but for search engine listings as well.


8. Get backlinks

Getting other reputes sites to create backlinks to your posts is one of the best and safest and also beneficial ways to get traffic. First of all, you get your share into the already large audience of the other website; secondly, more views means search engines will identify your site as a popular site and give higher rankings.

But to get them right in a hurry, you might end up creating not such favourable backlinks. Be patient and use the right tricks – broken link reporting, infographics and guest blogging are some of the best options.

There are a couple of other not so known but equally effective ways as well; as mentioned in this article.


9. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is an inevitable activity for getting backlinks. But other than that, you get to capture a much wider audience and gain the trust of those who are already followers of the site for which you are writing.


10. Paid ad campaigns

PPC ad campaigns are a quick and quite effective way to attract more traffic to your site. But it is a short-term solution and is not as trustworthy for the bigger picture as organic SEOs. Google Adwords is an ideal platform for you to cut through the crowd.


11. Analyse your data

If you are using Google Adwords, then you can utilize it to find out how your keywords are performing on the internet. This gives you an advantage over the other webmasters, whose search data is encrypted by Google, by providing data about the keywords that lead to your site the most.


12. Social media campaigns

With business page options on Facebook and Instagram, you can easily do free campaigning for your site on your social media accounts. It might involve the task of gathering followers, but it often leads to a loyal following of customers and way more visibility because people scroll through social media quite often; they don’t sit and search websites unless they particularly need to.

Although there are many methods for you to try, remember that you will stumble upon the perfect method for your website through trial and error. Follow simple steps and make sure you do your research before trying something new.

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