Rank Math: The Best WordPress SEO Plugin (2019)

Every blog writer, website owner, and marketer wants their content to rank in search engines. Fortunately, if you’re using WordPress as your content management system of choice (which we obviously highly recommend) then this is going to make your life a little bit easier since you have access to a unique set of plugins that help you double down on your search engine optimization efforts.

The best plugin that we’ve come across and one that we fully endorse as a search engine optimization plugin for WordPress is the Rank Math plugin. It is by far the very best when it comes to SEO plugins – and trust me, we’ve tried quite a few…

None of them made the cut but Rank Math did. The reason is that Rank Math takes everything from support and customer experience all the way down to speed very seriously which suffice to say none of the other plugins that you’ll end up trying if you’re looking for a search engine optimization plugin do. You might already be familiar with Rank Math especially after their wildly successful launch on Product Hunt but in case you aren’t or just haven’t made the switch yet on all of the websites you run, you’ve come to the right place!

The Rank Math plugin takes care of everything when it comes to search engine optimization and helps you by providing you with insights that do not require you to leave the WordPress admin area. And in my opinion, together with the powerful Google Search Console Integration, this has been done very well. I can easily view any crawl errors that Google has identified on my website right from my WordPress admin area and then fix them using Rank Math’s included redirection module. Honestly, those two modules are really a perfect match.

Rank Math: The Configuration

Migrations from other SEO plugins to the Rank Math plugin really couldn’t be easier. Their easy-to-use configuration wizard gives you full control and confidence that you’re not accidentally overwriting settings that you had in place with your old (and likely out-of-date) WordPress SEO plugin.

Rank Math: Speed

Rank Math is a really the fastest SEO plugin, judging not only from the facts but also from my experience, all of the admin areas specific to the plugin load extremely quickly.

Another thing you will notice if you decide to give Rank Math a try is that the plugin’s meta boxes and admin areas are kept as clean as possible. There are currently no advertisements, images or up-sells that clutter what is supposed to be a productive workspace – and this is especially worth mentioning since it is something that a lot of other WordPress SEO plugins surprisingly still do.

Rank Math: The Meta Box

A huge part of search engine optimization is definitely going to be creating content that is optimized for search engines. One of the most-used or most useful features of any WordPress SEO plugin is, therefore, more than likely going be the SEO meta box.

What is the SEO Meta Box?

If you’re not quite sure what SEO meta box means, here’s a brief explanation:

It is the area that generally appears underneath the WordPress post/page editor in WordPress and gives you useful insights that you can use to improve the content that you’re currently working on so that it is more likely to rank highly in search engines.

Rank Math’s SEO Meta Box is broken down into three sections: basic, additional and title readability:


The basic section includes really simple points that are easy to address and aren’t really up to much debate. It is widely accepted that content needs to be of a certain length for it not to be considered thin, your focus keyword should appear in your title, URL and meta description. In most cases, these things will actually occur and already be green if you’re writing a post naturally.


The additional section provides even more advanced insights such as keyword density, URL length, and focus keyword subheading distribution…

Title Readability

The title readability section looks at the title of your content. These are what I would refer to as tips that you can use to improve your post. As you can see in the above screenshot, I chose not to include a number in the title of that post.

The Rank Math plugin provides the best possible insights (better than other SEO plugins), but as with all advice for search engine optimization don’t just follow it blindly. While titles with numbers generally do perform better, it wouldn’t be sensible to use a title for every single post as that simply wouldn’t be natural.

Content Readability

Rank Math also runs a Flesch readability test on your content. You can learn more about the test which is known as the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test here.

Rank Math: SEO Analysis

Rank Math also includes an SEO Analysis.

This assesses your past search engine optimization efforts and provides you with an actionable overview of what your website has going on. You can see how Google is able to crawl your site, the metadata that is accessible to search engines and how you’ve configured it to appear. This is extremely useful when setting up a new site and helps prevent you from overlooking something that you would usually assume is already perfect.

In terms of SEO, having your website flagged up by Google’s Safe Browsing check is definitely not something that anyone wants. Fortunately, Rank Math has brought a series of checks including one that ensures your website hasn’t been flagged up by Google into its SEO analysis, making it really easy to debug those critical issues before the damage is done.

Rank Math: 404 Monitor

What is a 404 error?

“Error 404” (or “Page Not Found”) – is a standard HTTP status code that occurs when the server can’t find the document requested by a user. Basically, this is a page that doesn’t exist or broken.

The 404 Monitor that Rank Math offers is really useful when used with their Redirections feature because you can now not only identify 404 errors or broken links on your website but also do something about them – like redirect them to the page where the content has moved, or the homepage.

Rank Math: Redirections

Together with Rank Math’s tight integration with the Google Search Console, you are actually able to do something about those issues that you’ve just identified on your website. Rank Math makes crawl errors not easier to identify but also actionable. With the redirections module, it takes a matter of a few seconds to set up redirections to fix all of the crawl errors on your website.

Rank Math: The Verdict

I strongly believe that Rank Math is the best SEO plugin available, and better yet – it doesn’t even come at a price. For those of you who can’t imagine having to pay for a plugin, which is essentially a requirement if you want your website and business to perform, Rank Math is the perfect SEO plugin for you.

It is fast, lightweight and has all the functionality that other paid SEO plugins have and more. SEO is an industry that shouldn’t have a barrier to entry, and Rank Math is making that possible.

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  1. Anthony Palmer on May 24, 2019

    I had Yoast SEO on all my WordPress sites but then someone recommended Rank Math when I asked about alternatives. I have removed Yoast from all my sites and now they all use Rank Math. I absolutely love this plugin! You can even find their detailed (extremely detailed to be honest) set up guide here https://rankmath.com/kb/how-to-setup/ and the guys who made rank math have really great themes and plugins at mythemeshop.com. I can’t recommend them enough from personal experience.


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