Top 7 Chrome Extension Make Your SEO Activity Easier

The acronym for search engine optimization is called SEO, which is the process of optimizing websites to get unpaid or organic traffic from results pages on search engines. SEO, in other words, involves making certain changes to website content and design that make the site more appealing to a search engine. Most digital marketing professionals use SEO in hopes of search engines showing their websites on the first page since almost 74% of visitors look for information on the first couple of pages only.


Since Google Chrome is among the largest and widely used search engine on the Internet, thus, developers of SEO tools are making them available to download or buy as chrome extensions. Here is a list of the most efficient and Powerful Chrome Extensions benefits to digital marketer to improve business growth available right now:


Alexa Rank

Alexa traffic rank chrome extension measures the popularity of a website. It lists millions of sites in the order of their popularity and the site with the Alexa Rank 1 is the most popular. Alexa Rank shows how a site is doing in relation to other websites, which make it great KPI for competitive analysis and benchmarking. Alexa rank measures using an established methodology that blends the visitor engagement and the estimated traffic of the site for the last three months. Engagement and traffic are measured from the people’s browsing behavior in the global panel.


Page Analytics by Google

This seo plugin chrome lets you get intensive knowledge about every page of the websites you browse. It also provides you insight into how customers communicate with your website, including what they click on and what they don’t. Such feedback helps you optimize the layout of your website, enhance user experience and expand conversions. Some of its features include page views, bounce rate, percentage exit, and real-time count of active visitors among others.


Ninja Outreach Life

Ninja Outreach is among the most Powerful Chrome Extensions out there. It is an impactful prospecting and blogger outreach tool and the extension on Chrome is a ‘lite’ version that lets you extract notably valuable website data. The data available through this tool includes domain authority, full name, page authority, location, backlinks, social media count of followers, Alexa rank, email address and more. It also adds robust outreach and prospecting capacities to the web browser.

Moreover, the tool displays links to important pages inside a website such as infographics, contact, reviews, about, resources, etc., and provides templates for email outreach that you can use from the extension directly.


Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Majestic Backlink Analyzer is a powerful and popular tool for link intelligence. The tool is a prompt way to glance at key backlink data about your website. It does not depend on third-party data and uses its own trust metrics that are citation flow and trust flow. The tool includes summary, 2 Flow Metric scores, backlinks, root level and subdomains, anchor text, URL link counts, etc.


SEO Doctor

The SEO doctor chrome extension is a functional SEO tool with a simple objective—to make your site properly optimized for search engines through a recommendation and scoring system that is easy to follow. SEO Doctor points out possible problems and allocates scores for the page based on currently acquired SEO methodology. It displays link structure and aids in tracking page rank flow. It also detects and warns you about pages that search engines do not index. SEO Doctor is really fast in determining issues on your page that could affect the ranking in search engine and that is why it is so popular.



The seo quake extension chrome is developed by SEMrush which displays key metrics such as Bing Index, Alexa Rank, Google Index and other parameters of SEO of other websites. It also highlights the Nofollow links, URL comparisons, and text density among others. It also includes parameters such as Yahoo links, Webarchive age, Whois link, SEMRush rank, Delicious index, etc. Among the chrome extensions, SEOQuake provides you an extensive look at your site’s most current analytics based on the Internet’s most perused metric and ranking sources. It also provides you immediate SEO audits for your website to diagnose problems that may influence your ranking.



This chrome extension is developed by Moz that lets you get prompt SEO insights about various search engines or websites without exiting your web browser. Along with different backlink metrics, you can also see the domain authority and page authority of your website. It is a must-have for every SEO professional out there since it provides invaluable stats and data.



In the recent rise of companies and individual using a digital reach to find and retain customers and users, the importance of SEO is rising. Chrome extensions for SEO are an invaluable tool for any SEO professional out there. It helps you understand what is going wrong and how you can fix it, and it also helps you enhance the good practices you have employed.

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  1. Seo profi on June 14, 2019

    Your article is really educational! Speaking about the Seo Doctor, it is such a usefull google extension that I use literally every session!


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