Why Every Business Needs SEO & How To Choose Your SEO Agency

Business is changing, isn’t it? Everybody is going digital, meaning that everybody needs to adopt certain new techniques of doing business, because the digital world is slightly different than the real one. If you want to succeed, then you need to adapt. And, if you want to adapt, then you need to keep up with all the trends that keep appearing in this world.

There is one thing that isn’t changing, though. Marketing is still one of the most important aspects of doing business. It has been that way since, well, the beginning of time and it will continue to be so up until the very end. Every single entrepreneur understands the importance of marketing, which is why they usually direct a significant amount of their budget towards advertising and marketing their particular company the right way.

Although the fact that marketing plays a crucial role in the success of a business hasn’t changed and will never change, we mustn’t forget to mention that the actual marketing techniques have actually changed significantly. The whole world is evolving and businesses are keeping up the step. That’s why, nowadays, everybody is focusing more on digital marketing and its important aspects.

If you are thinking of taking your business online, or if you have already done it, you will also have to think about how to successfully promote it. Creating a website is the important first step, but it’s not like people are just randomly going to stumble upon your particular website if you do absolutely nothing to advertise it. In case that’s what you are expecting, I’ll have to advise you to brush up on your knowledge about the Internet, as well as about marketing in general.

One of the most popular and the most effective digital marketing techniques that business owners are resorting to nowadays is called search engine optimization (SEO). As explained by this useful source, there are quite a lot of reasons why every single business needs SEO. The fact that you have found your way here tells me that you are thinking about investing in search engine optimization as well.

It also tells me another important thing, though. You’re not sure whether it is the right thing for you and whether you should actually invest your time, money and effort into a technique like this. I can understand those doubts very well and I can also give you some reasons why this might actually be the perfect idea for your particular business. Once you get familiar with those reasons, you will be able to decide all on your own whether you should invest in SEO or not. Here we go.


  1. Nothing Beats Organic Search

Do you know what the number one source of website traffic usually is? If you guessed “organic search”, then you have definitely guessed that right. Although, you have probably inferred that from the subtitle above, but never mind, I’ll give you this win. Not that this is a competition, though, we are simply here to learn a few things.

Let’s not get off topic here.  We have made it clear that the number one source of website traffic is usually organic search. What does this mean, exactly? It means that people usually click on the websites that they find when performing their organic searches, i.e. when typing their relevant keywords into the browsers. If your website is not among the first couple of results, or, simply, if it isn’t on the first page of the search results, you can say goodbye to those visitors.

This is exactly what search engine optimization deals with. As the name says it itself, it optimizes your site and its content in order for users to find you when searching for certain keywords on their browsers. When they find you, they will click through your website and be marked as a “visitor” in no time. Thus, your traffic increases and every website needs traffic to be successful.


  1. People Search For What They Need

Let’s imagine a person just sitting at his or her computer and thinking about getting a new shirt ironing machine. They start searching and at that point, your company, selling shirts, pops up as an ad and announces a sale or anything similar. The sale part might spark the interest of this person, but the truth is that the particular person’s intent is to get an ironing machine and it is actually the reason why they actually sat at the computer at that particular point. In other words, your ad will probably be a failure, because it wasn’t properly targeted.

Now, forget the ad altogether and imagine that you were actually selling ironing machines. The person searching for these devices is definitely not just trying to learn more about ironing machines so that they can brag to their friends about what they know. Their intent is to buy one of those, so they will scroll through the first page of their search results and open up a few websites that they have come across. Guess what those websites are selling? That’s right – ironing machines!

If your company is also selling these devices, but your website didn’t appear on the first page of those search results, then you are missing out on a potential customer. As you will see at seolondonagency.co.uk or anywhere else you decide to get your info about SEO, this marketing technique is designed precisely to get you on that first page right when people are searching to buy the products that you are selling. Keep in mind that this goes for all products and services and not just ironing machines. Oh, okay, I guess you knew that already.



  1. You Want To Be Trusted

In a world where everyone can make a site of their own and possibly even try to trick some people into revealing certain information, everybody is overly cautious of everything. This can make it pretty difficult for freshly established or freshly digitalized companies to stand out online and prove that they are to be trusted and respected. Once again, by simply paying for ads that will pop up probably at the wrong time, you won’t exactly do much to improve your credibility. I’m not saying that these ads aren’t useful, because they do have their place in digital marketing. I’m simply saying that their purpose is completely different from the purpose of SEO.

And the purpose of SEO is, among other things, to establish you as a credible and reliable company and increase the customers’ trust in you. When you keep appearing in all of their searches and when you are featured somewhere on top, people are bound to start regarding you as a trustworthy company that has some great things to offer. After all, if Google, or another search engine, is trusting you enough to feature you among the top results, potential customers will also start trusting you enough to try out some of your products and services.

Keep in mind, though, that the first step is to get the Internet users to become the visitors of your website. Once that happens, you will have to find a way to turn them into returning visitors and, ultimately, loyal customers. People become loyal only when they figure out that they can trust you and SEO can certainly help you with optimizing your website properly in order to steadily build that trust between you and your customers.


  1. It’s A Long-Term Strategy

If there is one thing that isn’t really great about all the paid ads and some other types of marketing techniques, then it’s the fact that those bring short-term results. Once again, I need to emphasize that there’s nothing wrong with those short-term techniques and that they do play a relevant part in the overall digital marketing strategy. Yet, you are bound to wish for a more long-term option that can bring you permanent and long-lasting results.

That’s exactly what SEO is – a long-term technique that brings you permanent results. Now, you need to understand that this also means that SEO isn’t exactly a one-time investment. Instead of thinking that you can just to this once and move on with your life, you need to become aware of the fact that SEO takes time and it has to be permanently implemented as one of your marketing techniques. Don’t worry about the investments, though, since those will definitely pay off once you start getting results from this strategy.


  1. It’s Cost-Effective

I have mentioned investments above and that brings me to the last benefit that I want to mention today. Sure, SEO does cost money and the services of a great specialist won’t exactly come cheap. Here’s the thing, though. Since this is a long term investment and since SEO can practically provide you with life-long results, every single penny you invest in it will quickly pay off. Simply said, it is one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques you can use nowadays.


How To Find The Right SEO Agency

If you have decided to give SEO a try, then there is one more important decision ahead of you. I’m talking about choosing the right agency that can meet your expectations and actually provide you with some great marketing results. You would think that this is the easy part, but the truth is a bit different. This is, in fact, the most difficult part for you. Once you have completed this important task, all of the other SEO work will fall on the agency and you’ll just get to reap the benefits.

So, since this is the most important task you will have, why not do it right? In case it’s your first time searching for an SEO agency, I’m pretty sure that you are a bit confused about how you should actually do the search and how you can make sure that you are choosing the perfect people for the job. Don’t worry; this is nothing that a couple of tips for finding a great SEO agency won’t be able to fix. When you get those tips, you will be able to conduct the search in no time and choose the right agency.


  1. Don’t Hire Cheap

One of the absolutely worst things you can do is hire an agency just because it offers rather cheap services. Those cheap services are usually of very poor quality and I am guessing that you don’t want to pay for poor quality. Here’s what will happen if you hire someone just because their prices are low. You’ll waste money on them without getting any ROI, until you eventually decide that it is time to find and hire actual experts who will definitely charge you a larger amount, but who will also provide you with great results.


  1. Check Experience

Whenever you are checking out an SEO agency, you should remember to get more info about their experience in this particular business. Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong in choosing an agency that was freshly established. You should, however, refrain from choosing actual individuals who don’t have any experience whatsoever in this field. So, check the experience of the experts instead of the amount of years the agency has been in business.


  1. Look For Clear Communication

How would you like working with people who aren’t willing to hear you out and show respect towards the goals you believe you want to achieve and who simply have their own philosophy of doing things without involving you in the decisions? Remember, this is your business we are talking about. So, I’m guessing you wouldn’t like that very much.

Now, their philosophy could actually be perfect and you might want to agree to some of the things that they are saying, but that’s just it. They need to say those things and precisely explain why they are making the decisions that they are making and, of course, include you in those decisions. To put things simply, you want to have clear and open communication with the agency you choose.

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