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We have released the Advanced Coupons extension for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin which extends the existing discount coupon codes in the plugin.

It allows you to setup features such as coupons by code or automatically, free shipping based on order total range, quantity based discounts, coupons on specific products and much more.

How does Advanced Coupons work?

Advanced Coupons is an extension for the Shopping Cart plugin, released to expand functionality.

Free Shipping

A free shipping discount coupon code which eliminates the shipping cost on an order.

Code/Automatic Usage

Choose whether a discount coupon should be applied with a code or be automatic.

Quantity Based Discount

A quantity based discount feature to apply a discount based on the quantity in the order.

Specific Products

Have coupon codes only apply on specific products.

This will allow a coupon to only be applied if those products are in the cart.

It also affects the total from which the discount is calculated based on those products accordingly.

Get the Advanced Coupons Now!

Purchase this useful extension for only US$15 for a single domain license and US$75 for an unlimited domains license.. Additionally, the support, upgrades and access to your download is infinite so you don’t need to renew or pay any recurring fees on this.

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