Checkout – EU VAT Exemption version 1.1

We have completely overhauled our EU VAT Exemption extension plugin for our WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and bring you version 1.1 which consists of new features, bug fixes and some improvements.

The EU VAT Exemption extension plugin gives EU customers/businesses the ability to checkout with a VAT free order if they have a valid EU VAT registration number.

Why do I need to update?

A major update to the EU VAT Exemption plugin. The plugin will now show the EU VAT number while editing an order, and some improvements has been made for VAT on the invoices.

We’ve also added a setting to turn VAT number validation on/off. Overall major changes to improve tax exemption on your orders. Please view detailed release notes of this version.


Automatic Updates/Upgrades in WordPress

The EU VAT Exemption extension plugin will now notify you on your Plugins page when an update is available and you can automatically update it via the WordPress interface.

New VAT Validation API

A new VAT validation API has been integrated to ensure faster and more accurate validation of VAT numbers.

More Flexible Configuration


A new settings panel has been added with flexible settings such as the home country, VAT number validation and more.

Add VAT number to Invoice

The customers VAT number will be added to the invoice on checkout with this extension activated, it will only show for EU countries where a VAT number was successfully applied.

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Existing Customers

If you have already purchased the EU VAT Exemption plugin, you can just upgrade it, free of charge. You can either go to “Plugins” in your WordPress dashboard and use the automatic updates or you can go to the downloads management section and download the new version and upload it, overwriting the existing one.

New Customers

Get the EU VAT exemption plugin on our site for only $16.99.

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