Checkout – Loyalty Rewards 1.1


A new release of the Loyalty Rewards extension of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin is now available. This release contains 2 new features and 1 bug fix.

How does it work?


Use the Loyalty Rewards extension to say “Thank You” to your customers for purchasing on your website by giving them rewards.

As customers checkout on your online store, they receive rewards. When the same customers return to your shop to purchase more products/services, they can apply these loyalty rewards to their order as a discount. Customers can build up loyalty rewards and use it at any time on an order to apply discount.

What is New?

Sortable columns in admin section


Sort rewards by Order#, Customer, Reward, Reward status and Date in the admin section of the plugin. By sorting rewards, you have more flexibility on viewing rewards.

Setting to auto-approve loyalty rewards


A new setting is available in the loyalty rewards extension to auto-approve rewards on completed and paid orders. If you want to approve the rewards manually per order you can uncheck the auto-approve option.

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