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Great news for the WordPress Shopping Cart pluginMultiple Currencies extension users! Version 1.1 of this extension is now available with great new features, bug fixes and enhancements. See a detailed list of changes in the release notes.

How does it work?

The Multiple Currencies extension adds the functionality to your WordPress Shopping Cart plugin (online store) to sell your products in different currencies.

It gives the user the ability to choose their own currency when purchasing on your site. It makes it easier for people around the world to shop on your site.

Video of Multiple Currencies

What’s New?

Here are some feature highlights for this release:

Auto Currency from Location


You can select an option to pre-select a currency based on the customers location setting. As a result, the best possible currency from available currencies will be preselected for new customers in your online shop based on their location. Just a little added convenience for your customers!

Save a Currency to an Order

The Multiple Currencies extension plugin saves the currency to an order in order to keep it fixed for orders in history, invoices etc. As the merchant, you can view the orders of customers in the currency that they placed it. And customers can see orders in various currencies in their account and orders history.

Currency per Payment Method

currency per payment method

This version includes a feature which allow you to select /overwrite a currency per payment method. It will then automatically convert the order to this selected currency after selecting a payment method for checkout.

Some payment gateways/methods only support specific currencies and in other cases, the merchant account with the gateway may be issued in one currency. For example, PayPal does not support all possible currencies while you may want your customers to be able to order in those. The Multiple Currencies extension plugin will then automatically convert the prices for the chosen payment gateways to the specified currencies.

Fixed Currency Prices per Product

There’s the ability to specify fixed currency prices per product.

All these new features make the Multiple Currencies extension more flexible for selling worldwide in multiple currencies.

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Multiple Currencies extension

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