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An update is available for our PayFast extension for the WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin.

Version 1.1 is a release with new features, improvements and fixes.

The PayFast extension plugin now supports an optional passphrase as well as PayFast recurring payments/subscriptions.

See the detailed release notes for more information on what changed.

What does it do?

This extension plugin gives you PayFast payment gateway/processor as a payment method in your Shopping Cart plugin installation so that your customers can pay you through PayFast on your WordPress website.

Customers will checkout on your site and be redirected to the PayFast secure payment page where the payment will be made. The payment options/methods will depend on the way that your PayFast account is setup accordingly. As the customers pay, they are returned back to your site with an order confirmation/thank you page.

Get PayFast for WordPress Now!

You can purchase the PayFast extension plugin from our website directly at a very affordable price.

Please ensure that you have the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin installed and activated in order to use this. For installation/setup instructions, see the PayFast documentation in our docs.

Get PayFast Now

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