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We have updated the Stripe Payment Gateway extension plugin for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin which includes new features, some minor improvements and fixes.

The main feature added is Stripe recurring/subscription payments.

What does it do?

The Stripe Payment Gateway extension plugin simply gives you the ability to use Stripe as a payment gateway in your WordPress Shopping Cart plugin installation. It is a small extension plugin which is installed and activated additionally to add the Stripe payment gateway functionality.

What has changed?

We’ve added Stripe recurring/subscription payments to the extension plugin. It is fully automated and extremely easy to use. See the recurring instructions in our Stripe documentation. You can simply add your recurring products and set a webhook URL. The plugin will handle the creation of the subscription plans using the Stripe API and it will also automatically update as Stripe charges the recurring/subscription payments.

In addition to that, we’ve made many other improvements to the extension plugin.

Get Stripe extension v1.2 Now!

To update your Stripe Payment Gateway extension plugin, please download the new version from your downloads management section and install it. See the documentation for installation/upgrade instructions.

This new version includes automatic upgrades/updates for the extension plugin itself so you won’t need to manually install it again in the future. We are planning some new features for Stripe such as recurring payments which will be available soon.

If you don’t have the Stripe Payment Gateway extension plugin yet, you can purchase it from our site right now and start selling with Stripe on your WordPress website within minutes. Get it here.


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