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We present to you to the Stripe payment gateway extension plugin which allows you to start selling online on your WordPress website using the Stripe payment gateway and our WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

How does Stripe work?

It was a huge pleasure and a wonderful experience for us to work with the Stripe API as they provided thorough API documentation, a logical flow and great functions to use.

The Stripe payment gateway has a great architectural design from both a programmer, a merchant and a customer’s point of view. This gateway will keep customers on your WordPress website while processing and charing their credit card on your billing page without sending them away to a 3rd party payment page.

Not only does Stripe provide an easy way for your customers to pay on your website for products and services but they also provide a usable vendor/merchant panel where you can view your transactions, customers and more.

Get the Stripe extension now

The Stripe payment gateway extension plugin is an additional plugin which you can purchase, install and configure to work in conduction with it’s required WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

You can get this extension plugin for the low price of only US$15 on the Tribulant Software website. Be sure to use the coupon code “2012” (without the quotes) to get 10% off your order today. The support and future updates of this extension are free and there are no recurring fees on this. Your download will always remain active.

Start selling with the Stripe payment gateway

Once you have the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and this Stripe payment gateway extension plugin installed you are almost ready to start selling.

You can signup for a Stripe account which will be in test mode by default and you can start using it right away to start testing transactions. When you are ready to go live, you’ll simply switch your Stripe account from test mode to live mode and you can start making real charges for your online customers.

See our Stripe documentation for installation and setup instructions, it really is very easy!

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