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We have updated the Virtual Card Services extension to version 1.1 for WordPress Shopping Cart plugin which includes new features, some minor improvements and fixes.

What does it do?

The WordPress Shopping Cart plugin will send your customers through to the secure payment page of Virtual Card Services (VCS) where they can make a payment using a debit or credit card. The customer is returned back to your website and shop after payment with an order confirmation. This is a South African payment gateway.

What has changed?

We’ve improved automatic updates to the extension, which will allow you to do automatic updates for follow up releases in your WordPress dashboard. Keep your eyes open for the next big feature, recurring payments.

We are busy integrating recurring payments into the Shopping Cart plugin for Virtual Card Services, which will be released soon. Please stay tuned for updates as this will be available shortly so that you can use Virtual Card Services for recurring/subscription payments.

In addition to that, we’ve made many other improvements to the extension plugin. Release notes of this version.

Get Virtual Card Services extension v1.1 Now!

To update your Virtual Card Services extension plugin, please download the new version from your downloads management section and install it. See the documentation for installation/upgrade instructions.

If you don’t have the Virtual Card Services extension plugin yet, you can purchase it from our site right now and start selling with Virtual Card Services on your WordPress website within minutes.


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