Checkout – Wholesale 1.1

A new update has been made to the Wholesale extension for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.


How does Wholesale work?

Use our Wholesale extension for additional pricing, shipping and payment method features.

The Wholesale extension plugin allows you to specify different prices for different user roles per product and different tax rates, per user role.

What’s new?

Shipping and Payment Methods per User Role

The latest release of the Wholesale plugin makes your shop even more flexible. It allows you to override and specify payment methods and shipping methods per user role.

Wholesale Extension Compatible with Guest Checkout

Use the Wholesale extension with your Guest Checkout extension on your WordPress Shopping Cart. The wholesale plugin is now compatible with Guest Checkout and allows you to overwrite shipping methods and payment methods for the guest user on your shop.

The Guest Checkout plugin eliminates the register/login step of the Shopping Cart plugin and lets your users/customers go through the checkout procedure without having to go through that extra step.

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Get the Wholesale extension Now!

Update the Wholesale plugin by downloading it from the download section on your Tribulant account, or purchase this useful extension for only US$16.99 for a single domain license and US$84.95 for an unlimited domains license. Additionally, the support, upgrades and access to your download is infinite so you don’t need to renew or pay any recurring fees on this.

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