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This release of the iPay 88 extension plugin is a minor release that has some new features and improvements. Please have a look at the detailed release notes and here are some of the feature highlights:

What is iPay 88?

iPay88 payment gateway gives you the power to accept credit cards and debit cards in your WordPress Shopping Cart plugin with low fees and great usability.

Why do I need to update?

The main reason for the update was to Implement signature for security and to allow automatic updates/ upgrades for future releases. In addition to that, some other improvements have been made to improve compatibility with Guest Checkout extension plugin and change out get_bloginfo() to their relevant functions. Overall just a minor update to make this extension plugin easy and flawless to use with your WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

Get the iPay88 extension plugin

The iPay88 payment gateway is an extension plugin for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. It is installed as an additional plugin to add the iPay88 payment gateway functionality to your existing WordPress Shopping Cart plugin installation. Purchase this useful extension for only US$15 for a single domain license and US$75 for an unlimited domains license. You can use the coupon code “2014” (without the quotes) for 10% OFF your purchase.

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