Multilingual Shopping Cart

A new update for Checkout – qTranslate-X Multilingual is available to fully translate your WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin.

This extension works well with qTranslate-X . If you previously used qTranslate, mqTranslate or another variation, qTranslate-X allows for easy migration and backward compatibility.


How does qTranslate-X Multilingual work?

Increase your sales on WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin from international shoppers with a multilingual ecommerce storefront solution by using our WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin with the Checkout – qTranslate-X Multilingual extension plugin.


You will now be able to fully translate your products, categories, suppliers, misc option etc to meet the multilingual need of a WordPress Shopping Cart. Clients will be able to select their language of choice in the front-end and it will automatically translate your shop.

Get the qTranslate-X Multilingual extension plugin.

qTranslate-X Multilingual is an extension plugin for the WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin. Install the qTranslate-X Multilingual extension after installation and activation of the WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin.

Get qTranslate-X Multilingual extension

Get WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

Multiple Currencies Recommended

If you are going to run a multilingual shop in WordPress using our WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and the WordPress qTranslate-X plugin, you may also want to consider multiple currencies.

The Multiple Currencies extension integrates with the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, making multiple currencies available to your customers/shoppers. It has automatic exchange rates fetching built in to keep the rates up to date on a daily basis and does all the conversion for you automatically.

See Multiple Currencies extension

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