Payeezy Hosted Checkout 1.2


A new update for the Payeezy Hosted Checkout extension is now available, version 1.2.

Payeezy / Clover e4 Hosted Payment Page by First Data is an extension plugin for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and adds an extra payment method for payment purposes on checkout.

You can use your Payeezy account to accept credit/debit card payments for orders on your online store. As your customers add products to their shopping cart and proceed through checkout, they are redirected to a safe and secure payment page on the Payeezy site where they can make a payment.

What’s New?

Initial/Setup fee

Not all recurring payments accept an initial/setup fee. With Payeezy you can now accept a setup fee. A setup fee is a once off fee that your customer needs to pay on a recurring service or product and thereafter they will get billed for the recurring amount.

Recurring payments are automatic and will charge the customer the specified amount at the specified interval until the end date is reached or forever if no end date is specified.

Other Improvements in Version 1.2

This release is a minor update to update the new logo from First Data to Payeezy in our Shopping Cart plugin and it also now supports/matches the bootstrap layout.

Get Payeezy Hosted Checkout today!

You can get the Payeezy Hosted Checkout extension from our site right now! We offer exclusive support in our help desk if you have any questions or need any assistance.

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