WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.6.5

After much hard work and amazing innovation, our WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.6.5 is done and ready to blow your socks off!

It contains many new features, loads of fixes and improvements! Before I tell you about some of the feature highlights, please feel free to look at the detailed release notes.

New Feature Highlights

Amazing new features were added to this release of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin which will help you to manage your WordPress shop more efficiently with better continuity and higher conversion of sales. Here are some of the highlights:

Date Picker Custom Field

With the date picker custom field you can create a predefined date field to place either on individual products and/or use it as a global custom field to show on the shopping cart, shipping or billing pages. Your customers can pick a date using the jQuery UI calendar.

Bulk Generate- and Export Discount Coupons

You can now bulk generate coupon codes, as many as you want! The WordPress Shopping Cart plugin will automatically generate discount coupon codes with your specified settings. Additionally, you can now export these discount coupons to a CSV file to be imported into 3rd party services such as Groupon so that you can advertise/promote your deals and increase sales!

New Default Theme

A beautiful new default theme has been designed for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. It is elegant, clean, extremely fast and universal enough for anyone to use. You can work off this default theme to create your own themes in your own colors/layouts. We will soon be releasing a set of different themes for different sites and purposes.

More efficient list/grid layouts, beautiful new design elements like buttons and input fields, improved sorting options and list/grid switching icons/buttons will give your customers the best browsing experience in your WordPress online shop.

The new design’s product pages are cleaner and gives customers the best possible navigation, whether you have simple or more detailed and complex products. It just works!

Timthumb and Colorbox Integration

A major overhaul to product, category and supplier images using Timthumb has given the Shopping Cart plugin the power to crop and resize your product thumbnails and other images according to your needs. It is very flexible and the images are updated in real-time.

Additionally, the Thickbox images overlay has been replaced with jQuery Colorbox library for improved performance and more appealing product galleries for your customers. Colorbox is lightweight and will act fast when images are enlarged.

UPS and USPS v4 Shipping Module

The United Parcel Service shipping rates API has been integrated into the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin so that you can allow your users to select UPS as a shipping method which will calculate real-time shipping rates based on weight and dimensions to quote your customers accordingly.

United States Postal Service API v4 (previously v2) has been integrated to provide more shipping types/methods and more accurate calculation of shipping rates based on product weights and dimensions.

For more information on setting up your shipping modules/APIs, please refer to our Shipping Modules & APIs documentation for instructions.

Realex Remote and WorldPay Payment Methods

Realex Payments REMOTE payment method has been integrated to provide you with the power and ease of Realex Payments while keeping your customers on your site at all times so they are never sent away to a payment page outside your site.

The WorldPay API has been integrated as an HTML redirect payment method. It can be configured fully with your Installation ID and test/production mode to send your customers to a WorldPay payment page where the payment is made before they return back to your site with an order confirmation.

For detailed instructions on setting up your payment method(s), please refer to our payment methods documentation.

Tax Exempt- and Tax Override Products

Products can be individually configured as tax exempt to exclude from the global tax calculation configured in the Shopping Cart plugin. Additionally, the global tax rates can be individually overridden for individual products as needed.

Get the Shopping Cart plugin v1.6.5 Now!

Be sure to get this new release of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, it has truly taken a gigantic step forward from it’s predecessor to improve the quality of your WordPress e-Commerce experience and that of your customers.

New Shopping Cart plugin Customers

If you are interested in buying our WordPress Shopping Cart plugin to start selling digital- and tangible products on your WordPress website right now, use the coupon code “2011” (without the quotes) to get 10% OFF your order today!

View the online documentation for installation instructions and other tips, tricks and tutorials to help you use the plugin to it’s best potential. You can contact us if you have any questions regarding the software at all.

Existing Shopping Cart plugin Customers

Have you already purchased the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin? You can obtain this new release from your downloads management section right now. If your download expired, you can renew it for as little as US$5 to download immediately. Thank you for your business and support!

Please be sure to look at the release notes before upgrading. If you’re using a custom theme folder for your Shopping Cart plugin, you may need to port over layout changes to the new default folder because of the new Timthumb and Colorbox integration. If you upgrade, rename your current/old plugin folder and upload the new one so that you have a backup. Upgrade instructions are in the documentation.

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