Shopping Cart plugin v1.6.8

It’s with great joy that I announce version 1.6.8 of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. It’s not our biggest release yet, but most certainly has a solid list of new features, fixes and improvements.

Before reading the featured highlights below please take a look at the release Notes so you can familiarise yourself with this version. It’s available now from your account, go to downloads section and update. For anyone currently on 1.6.7 or higher, you can update from your “Configuration” section under the “Updates” tab.

New Feature Highlights

A nice list of new features for this release of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. Let’s take a look and have a read of some of the main ones in this version.

FedEx Web Services API

We’ve upgraded from the FedEx Legacy API to their Web Services API. It is the next generation of application programming interfaces (API) for integrating a real-time shipping calculator into your online shop. Existing users of Fedex in the Shopping Cart will need to update their legacy account according to this document. After that you will need to re-configure the shipping method in your Shipping Methods section.

Default Variation Options

You can now set a Default Variation Option to be selected on product pages. This is done when creating/editing a product when on the Save a Product screen and can be done per product. The default option is what will be selected on the product when the customer first views the page, from there they still have the ability to select something else accordingly.

WordPress Roles and Permissions

A new checkbox style list has been added to the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin configuration section in the WordPress Related settings. We’ve replaced the drop-downs that were there with a nice checkbox list, making it easier to control which user roles can access which sections of your cart. Every section in the plugin is listed here with the 4 default WordPress Roles, simply tick the ones you want to allow access to the relevant section.

New/Updated Shopping Cart plugin Extensions

We have released 2 new extension plugins for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and we updated the Affiliates & Tracking extension plugin to v1.2 with new features.

DPS Payment Express (PX Pay)

This DPS Payment Express (PX Pay) payment gateway extension plugin was purely built on action hooks, filter hooks and custom functions from the Shopping Cart plugin. It is the Payment Express payment gateway by DPS with the hosted payment package (PX Pay) method which sends customers away from your site to the secure Payment Express payment gateway page.

One Click SSL

You can now easily secure your WordPress shop in SSL (https://) mode using the One Click SSL extension plugin. It does all the needed things for you automatically which a combination of 3rd party plugins would do. When the SSL (https://) setting is turned on, it ensures that the checkout procedure runs in SSL mode at all times and it also converts all references such as images, stylesheets, scripts, etc… to SSL (https://) from non-SSL (http://) when browsing on https:// .

Affiliates & Tracking v1.2

The wildly popular Affiliates & Tracking extension plugin has been updated to support Google Analytics pageviews and eCommerce tracking, language/translation support and also automatic updates/upgrades through WordPress. See the detailed release notes and then you can download the latest version from your downloads section.

Start Developing Your Own Extension Plugins

We have published an initial set of action hooks, filter hooks and custom functions for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin so that developers can start building their own extension plugins.

Our DPS Payment Express (PX Pay), One Click SSL and Affiliates & Tracking extension plugins are purely built with action and filter hooks in the Shopping Cart plugin without modifying any code in the core plugin as good examples.

Please see the Codex for more information and be sure to let us know if you need specific action hooks, filter hooks or custom functions added to the code and we will gladly add it for you. We’ll soon release tutorials on doing certain things and also the ability for developers to submit their own extensions to be sold on our site.

Get the Shopping Cart plugin v1.6.8 now!

Be sure to get this release of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin while it’s hot.

Existing Customers

If you already purchased the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, you don’t have to purchase it again. This new release is available to you in your downloads section. If your download expired, please support us by renewing it for as little as US$5. You can use the coupon code “2012” (without the quotes) for 10% off your renewal fee.

New Customers

Interested in getting the best eCommerce software for WordPress? Don’t look any further as our WordPress Shopping Cart plugin is the most flexible and versatile piece of software in it’s market. Purchase the plugin now and remember to apply the coupon code “2012” (without the quotes) to get 10% off your payment!

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