What Can You Do With a WordPress Shopping Cart?

Wordpress shopping cart

What can you do with a WordPress shopping cart?

WordPress Shopping Cart

The versatility of WordPress makes it a popular format for building different kinds of websites.

With WordPress, it is possible to do just about anything on a website, including ecommerce. Websites that want to sell products or services need a shopping cart, and there are a few different plugins that will facilitate this need.

But you don’t just want any old shopping cart plugin. There are several important considerations when entrusting the quality and security of your online business to a shopping cart plugin.

What payment systems are compatible?

Many of the shopping cart plugins available today use Paypal as the only possible payment system. PayPal allows purchasers to use a credit or debit card to pay for goods and services, as well as their own PayPal accounts. However, as businesses grow and sell more volume, PayPal is not always the most efficient way of tracking sales and handling payments.

Using the seller’s own merchant account or any of a number of other payment gateways can allow sellers to categorize, track and itemize sales automatically, making it easier to run the business. PayPal’s fees on many small sales can also amount to a greater percentage of the total sale than using other methods, such as a merchant account.

Tribulant’s WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin offers many different ways of accepting payments, including merchant accounts, bank wire and manual or custom payments. Multiple payment gateways can be used, with the customers choosing their preferred payment method at checkout. Fees such as taxes and foreign currency conversions are also handled seamlessly in Tribulant’s plugin.

What shipping methods are available?

Most PayPal-compatible programs limit users to UPS or the U.S. Postal service, which can make things difficult for international shipping and for businesses based in countries outside the U.S. Tribulant’s plugin allows 5 different shipping modules including UPS and FedEx, with integrated shipping modules to calculate shipping rates and services during checkout.

Wordpress shopping cart

The versatility of WordPress makes it a popular format for building different kinds of websites.

What about safety?

You never have to worry about security with Tribulant’s WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin. All payment and shipping information is encrypted to keep your own and your customers’ information safe.

What other options are available?

Basic shopping cart plugins don’t allow for much customization and typically offer fewer options. Often they have “simple” in the title to signify that they are more basic. Tribulant’s Shopping Cart Plugin offers extra features like the ability to set discounts or make discount coupons and a translation extension that can fully translate your WordPress shopping cart into many different languages.

Tribulant plugins always have many options for customization so that your site will work the way you need and want it to. Free support is also included to help with any problems you may have implementing the plugin.

If you are looking for the best premium plugins and extensions to take your WordPress website to the next level, Tribulant has exactly what you need.

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