WordPress Checkout Plugin v1.3 Released


We have just uploaded v1.3 of the WordPress Checkout plugin to Tribulant Software and it is still warm as it is lying in your downloads management section, waiting to be downloaded.

For some of us (yes I use the shopping cart as well) the wait for a new release has been painfully long and overdue. We have taken the time to put a few neat upgrades and new features in this release. The were two major problems that needed to be addressed, firstly WordPress changed there core code and many of you who automatically upgraded from WP 2.7 to 2.8 found “Save” buttons missing in the Dashboard Section of the Cart. In my earlier blog I mentioned in detail the steps that were being put in place such as the helpdesk support system and during August we hoped that we would be able to get a release. I then went on leave for two weeks leaving Antonie hard at work. On my return in the middle of October I began final testing. Antonie is a big fan of his Mac and Firefox but when the cart hit a Windows or Linux platform more bugs were found. This time with regard to IE8. Finally after long days and evenings we decided to release version 1.3 and with it we felt that with the added features Shopping Cart had grown up and deserved a name change hence Checkout.

WordPress IntegrationThe WordPress Shopping Cart plug-in gives you the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate an online shop with a fully functional shopping cart interface into any WordPress website. It is compatible up to WordPress 2.8.5.

With the easy to use interface, you can set up your multiple products and categorize/organize them into multiple product categories. Add additional images to showcase your products so that users know what they are buying and add digital downloads to products if needed so that users can securely download paid files from your website

For those not familiar with Shopping Cart here is a quick list of features:

  • Product CategoriesMultiple Products
  • Affiliate Products
  • Image Galleries
  • Digital Downloads (MP3s,PDFs)
  • Additional Product Images
  • Product Styles/Swatches
  • Discount Coupon Codes
  • Pricing Tiers/Levels
  • Minimum Order Setting
  • WP Post/Page Embedding
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • PayPal
  • MoneyBookers
  • 2CheckOut
  • Bank Wire
  • Manual Payments
  • Credit Card (POS)
  • Ajax Powered Features
  • Custom Dynamic Fields
  • Product Suppliers
  • Buy Now Mode

Why Use Shopping Cart?

  • It’s designed specifically for WordPress.
  • It’s Powerful & Robust
  • It’s Flexible & User Friendly
  • It Integrates in you site without forcing you to adopt someone else predefined Theme
  • You can tailor the options to suit you needs
  • We use it!

Why is it not free?

There are some good products out there in competition to us some are free, others are free until you need add-on’s to allow you the flexibility an these are often priced way beyond our initial price. We have a simple attitude to our products:

  • You pay a once of purchase and get 3 month worth of upgrades
  • Thereafter a nominal fee of $5.00 every 3 months is charged for continued upgrades
  • We do custom development on request and agree an hourly rate upfront.

The bottom line is we build relationships with our customers and there are not curve balls. The nominal upgrade fee helps us keep the initial purchase price down and for those client’s who don’t upgrade there WordPress at every turn they can choose not to pay for a service they wont be using.

Let’s face facts you use a shopping cart to generate an income and run an online business. We run a business to and as the saying goes “fare is fare” we want to stay in business to continue to support you and keep making our products better.

So you really want something for free?

We have a simple in-house philosophy at Tribulant as Antonie says “If you look after Tribulant, It will look after you! ” So we have introduced a points system. You can earn points by:

  • Referrals
  • Writing a review
  • Posting a short blog on your blog about why you use Shopping Cart.

To get started, write to me requesting your own Coupon Code. Each time a sale is made with your coupon code we will give you 5 Tribulant credits which equal $5.00. You can use these to purchase your 3 monthly support or build a credit to spend on other product. Hey! Stuff just became free with a little work from your side. You need to email the link (URL) to any post or review to get credited together with your Tribulant account number.

I am so fed up – I have waited so long!

Ok, we hear you and we apologise. We want to make amends to those clients who have waited patently over the last 3 to 4 months and could not use Shopping Cart. Email me directly stating a reasonable case and we will give you version 1.3 with the next 3 months support.

What’s to come

Here is a sneak preview of what we want in the next release:

  • Tax on Invoices
  • Tax per item
  • Variable Tax Rates
  • User defined Tax description (up to three letters) i.e. TAX, VAT, GST
  • Turn tax on or off

User defined ready made fields like calendar, Date, email with second verification

Still Not convinced

Take a look at live sites that are using shopping cart. Remember I said I use Shopping Cart, well my wife’s site does.

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  1. Chris Sylvester on April 8, 2010


    Not sure how close you are to the support ticketing system but I lodged a ticket as you suggested.

    Problem is, I’m not sure how long tickets take to get answered but I still have an open ticket from the 5th of April that I haven’t yet gotten a response from.

    The one I lodged on the 5th is quite urgent. It relates to products being displayed twice when viewed in by a category. I’ve hacked around it by setting certain tags to display:none so my visitors don’t see a screwed up page but I’d dearly love to get it fixed properly as it’s limiting certain things that I can do (and I hate messy hacks).

    If you can give the support guys a nudge for me, that would be appreciated.



  2. Chris Sylvester on April 5, 2010

    I really need to have GST (tax support) on this plugin. Get that working and I’ll throw away our existing e-commerce plugin in favour of this for all our clients.

    Also, multi-currency would be handy. A little drop down next to the price that allows the shopper to choose their currency. ( although this would also need to affect the product option prices, etc)

    Otherwise a great plugin.

    • Antonie Potgieter on April 5, 2010


      We have already developed tax for the plugin which can be used for Tax, VAT, GST or any type of your choice. You can turn it On/Off, set the percentage and general behaviour. We haven’t officially released it yet but please send us a ticket to request the build.

      All the best,


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