WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.4.8

We are making available v1.4.8 of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin today.

It consists of several improvements related to usability, several new features and a new payment gateway which some users have been waiting for. Go and have a look at the detailed release notes.

We realize that many of our users request features and we try our best to accommodate everyone but if your request is not in this release, please know that we haven’t forgotten about it and it will be integrated in the most appropriate manner in a future release.

Lets have a look at some of the amazing features in this new release…

Feature Highlights

Google Checkout gateway

The Google Checkout payment gateway is now available in the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. It works out of the box and you can now start receiving payments through Google Checkout.

We integrated the Google Checkout HTML API. Please read the instructions on how to set up your Google Checkout account and the plugin in order to start processing orders.

Also have a look at the Google Checkout Launch List to ensure that you comply with the guidelines and terms given by Google Checkout.

Ajax Price Update

This is a nifty usability feature which dynamically updates the price of a product automatically via Ajax as custom fields and product variations are changed/updated.

Look at the image for example. The book had a fixed price of $20 which was shown as the price. As the ‘Premium Support’ and ‘Type’ options were selected, the price was dynamically updated and changed on the product price so that the customer knows what the final price per unit will be. So $20 + $25 (Hardcover Book) + $10 (Premium Support) equals the $55 shown as the price.

Bulk Price Increase/Decrease

In the ‘Products’ section you can now easily increase or decrease the prices of multiple products based on a fixed amount or a percentage.

You simply tick/check the products to apply it to and then select either the ‘Price Increase’ or ‘Price Decrease’ bulk action which will reveal some additional fields where you can fill in a value and select ‘Fixed’ or ‘Percent’. Additionally, you have the option of saving the old/previous price into the product’s recommended retail price field.

The price increase and decrease works for both fixed prices and price tiers. If your products have price tiers and you apply a price increase or decrease your tiers won’t be lost. The plugin digs into those tiers and modifies each price of each tier individually, leaving your tiers intact.

Get v1.4.8 now!

Existing users of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin can get this release from the downloads section. If your download expired, you don’t need to purchase the plugin again, simply renew your download for 3, 6, 12 or 24 months which includes all releases within that period and free technical support. To upgrade, simply deactivate the plugin, upload the new files (overwriting the old ones) and then re-activate the plugin again from your ‘Plugins’ page. All settings, products and other data will remain intact and nothing will be lost.

If you haven’t purchased the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin yet you can do that now. The plugin is great value for money and we are confident that it will suit all your WordPress e-Commerce needs. For a limited time period only get the plugin with 15% discount by using the 15OFF discount coupon when you reach the 2CheckOut payment gateway page. Submit the 15OFF coupon there to claim your discount.

Installation instructions and other related documentation can be found here.

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  1. Woodrow Thatch on August 21, 2010

    I really love the theme on your site, I have a WordPress blog , and I would really like to use this theme. Is it a free style, or is it custom?

  2. Helena on August 3, 2010

    Have you designed it to work with Amazon.com yet?


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