WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.4

It is time for another weekly product release and this time we present you with the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.4. Its features, improvements and fixes come all the way back from December ’09 when its last release was made.

For those of you whom are using our WordPress e-Commerce solution know that its previous version(s) have been very flexible and powerful. With this release it has become even more robust and rock-solid. For those of you who haven’t tried our WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, take the time to experiment with our online demonstration and ask any questions you might have regarding its features.

Unlike most of the other WordPress e-Commerce solutions out there, this plugin doesn’t act as a WordPress theme. It is a plugin! You install it as a plugin and it runs independently as a WordPress plugin over which you can have full and utter control as it runs within your current WordPress theme.

Payment Methods

Multiple payment methods, including PayPal (Standard), 2CheckOut, MoneyBookers, First Data (Linkpoint & YourPay), Realex Payments (redirect), eMatters (HTTPS), Ogone PSP (Basic), Authorize.net (AIM), credit card (POS), bank wire and manual/custom payments give your users the ability to choose how they would like to pay and process their payments without any fuss at all. In just a few minutes with a few clicks, your users will be back at your site with a completed order. Additional payment gateways are constantly being added to the package.

New Feature Highlights

To see a detailed list of changes made to the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin please view the release notes.

Sorting of Product Custom Fields

Custom fields have been a part of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin for a long while now and this is perhaps one of its best features.  You can create multiple, unlimited custom fields in the administration panel, setting the field type such as text, textarea, select drop down, radio buttons, checkboxes and other settings such as required, price, etc.

We have improved the custom fields of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin by giving you the ability to order them globally so that they show up in a specific order on the product pages instead of randomly or by created date as before. This will help you construct your product pages better.

Payment Gateways

Several new payment gateways including Authorize.net (AIM), First Data (YourPay/Linkpoint), Realex Payments (Realauth Redirect), eMatters (HTTPS POST) and Ogone PSP (Basic e-Commerce) have been added.

TinyMCE Editor Button Added

We are all familiar with WordPress’ standard editor. Now a button has been added to the toolbar to make it quick and simple to insert category short codes into a post without having to type in the shortcodes manually. A small but nice time saver. You can easily turn off the TinyMCE button under Checkout > Configuration if you feel the need to.

Put Currency Symbol Before/After Price

Why? Because some currencies have their currency symbol after the price such as the new Romanian Leu which is XX RON unlike most currencies which would’ve been $ XX. Just another feature to make the plugin more flexible and usable globally.

Global tax calculation

We have started introducing tax as a new feature. The WordPress Shopping Cart plugin now allows for the calculation of tax and tax rates for inclusion in pricing. You can now set the tax rate, define its name (Tax/VAT/GST/etc.) and the percentage calculated on top of the order amount.

It is set for all products as a default. Stay tuned. I am told that the development team intend extending this feature to being product specific. Meaning, making products tax exempt and also defining product categories which will be entirely tax exempt.

Get Checkout v1.4!

If you already purchased the plugin, it is available for download right now. Whether you purchased a single, unlimited or plugins bundle license, it will be in your downloads section. If your download expired, you can renew it now for $5 for the single license and $15 for the unlimited license which entitles you to 3 months FREE downloads including all new updates/releases within that period.

Are you a new customer? Get the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin today for a low price of only US$42.49 for a limited time period only by using the coupon code 15OFF to get 15% off your order when you are on the 2CheckOut gateway page during checkout. This includes 3 months FREE updates which allows you to download the plugin as many times as you want including all new updates/releases within that period.

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