WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.5.3

Woohoo! This new release of the WordPress shopping cart plugin is jam packed with loads of new features and improvements compared to its predecessor.

For a full list of changes made to v1.5.3 of the Shopping Cart plugin, please see the release notes in our documentation.

New Features Highlights

Here is a list of some of the new features added to this release…

Virtual Merchant gateway

We integrated the Virtual Merchant payment gateway which is powered by the Elavon Network.

It will work out of the box, you just need to fill in your Virtual Merchant details. See our documentation for instructions on how to set up Virtual Merchant with the plugin.

The Shopping Cart plugin now has a total of 14 payment methods/gateways to choose from. Of course, you can use either a single or multiple methods/gateways simultaneously.

FedEx Shipping Rate Calculator

A FedEx shipping rate calculator for both Ground and Express is available which will calculate shipping methods and rates through FedEx on the fly as your customers go through checkout.

You can add FedEx as a shipping method under Checkout > Shipping Methods or you can edit one of your existing shipping methods and simply apply the FedEx API to it.

We are currently working on finishing up USPS (US Postal Service).That will be available soon.

Unfortunately we are holding off on UPS at the moment as we haven’t been able to work with UPS. They haven’t been able to provide the necessary tools to us. We are disappointed about this and we are sure that you are too, sorry guys.

We don’t want to bad-mouth UPS and we don’t want to get anyone involved in this but we realize that SO many of you were expecting UPS to be integrated so we need you to understand. After about 2 months of numerous phone calls, filling in forms and submitting emails back and forth – just to get a developer key to work with – this is the final response we got from UPS:

“UPS has made the decision not to provide you access to our tools at this time.  As an alternative, we can recommend several existing UPS Ready program providers, whom you may want to contact in order to purchase their SDK’s or shipping engines for integration into your platform. If you are interested in this route, please let us know via this email and we would be happy to forward a list of companies with contact information.”

If any of you are willing to help us guys at Tribulant Software with a UPS access key to do testing with, we would be more than willing to test our code, make the necessary changes/fixes and release UPS to all of you anxiously waiting for it.

Send Invoice and Save PDF Invoices

Send Invoice

As the administrator/merchant, you can easily send an invoice to a customer. While viewing the details of an order, you’ll see a “Send Invoice” button at the top. Just click that and the invoice will be emailed to the customer.

Save PDF Invoice

Additionally, we integrated PDF invoice functionality so that both the merchant and the customers can save PDF invoices for orders.

Things to do to start using this:

  • Make “wp-checkout/vendors/dompdf/lib/fonts/” folder writable (777).
  • Configure settings under Checkout > Configuration > Purchase Invoice Settings.

You will be able to save PDF invoices from the Checkout > Orders section of the plugin and your customers will be able to save PDF invoices for their orders in the “Your Account” section on the front of the site.

Here is a sample PDF so you can see what it looks like. Remember, you can edit the values and logo which are displayed on the invoices by going to the Configuration section.

“Your Account” page for Orders, Downloads, etc.

First off, the new version of the plugin will create 3 new pages upon installation. It will create a “Shop”, “Shopping Cart” and “Your Account” page.

These pages are “locked” into the plugin so that the plugin knows where to send your customers for the shop front, the shopping cart and the account section. Of course, you can easily change these predefined pages in the Configuration section of the plugin.

The “Your Account” page now displays a customer’s orders history, a link to edit their profile and a link to the downloads section (if any downloads available to the customer).

The previous, “blank” layout for the orders history of the Shopping Cart plugin has now been completely eliminated and it has been replaced with this so everything runs beautifully within your WordPress theme.

Products Text Search Widget

A new Checkout products text search widget is available which works like the normal WordPress search widget. It simply puts an input field and “Search” button in your sidebar.

You can configure this new widget under Appearance > Widgets in your WordPress dashboard so that your customers can easily search your shop for products by keywords and phrases.

Multiple, Regional Tax Rates

In the Configuration > Tax Settings section of the plugin, there is a Global Tax Percentage which applies to all customers by default. It can be set to zero (0.00) if needed.

Additionally, you can specify multiple tax rates by country and/or state which will apply specifically to customers based on the country and/or state they choose.

These additional tax rates override the global tax percentage setting on a per customer basis.

Target Markets

With the Target Markets setting, you can limit the countries which will appear on the shop front on the Shipping and Billing pages during checkout.

You may only provide products/services to certain countries or possibly only within your own country so you can control your target markets this way so that you don’t receive orders from “unwanted” locations.

Accepted Manual POS Credit Cards

For the Manual POS payment method, you can choose which credit cards should be available for customers to choose from.

Your bank and payment gateway may not accept all the available credit cards through your machine so you may find this setting useful to limit Manual POS payments to specific card types.

Serial Key Validation

Last but not least, we implemented a serial key validation check into the Shopping Cart plugin.

You can generate your serial key for the plugin in the downloads management section and submit it in the plugin to continue using it.

Get v1.5.3 Now!

If you are an existing customer of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, you can obtain this new version in the downloads management area. WordPress Plugin Bundle users will get this new version in the bundle as well.

New customers can purchase the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and we offer you a whopping 15% discount! You can fill in the coupon code “15OFF” (without quotes) on the 2CheckOut payment page to apply your discount to your order.

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  1. Leonard on July 26, 2012

    It’s good to know that WordPress shopping cart plugin has a lot of of new features. I’ve already tried it and It’s really useful for me. 😀

    • Antonie Potgieter on July 30, 2012


      We’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying the Shopping Cart plugin.


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