WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.5.5

UPDATE: This release had a parse error due to a variable conflict in PHP. If you installed v1.5.5 and you experienced this problem, please re-download as a fix has been applied. We apologize for any inconvenience caused!

It is better and faster, here is the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.5.5 with loads of new features and improvements to its predecessor.

Considering the improvements, fixes and changes you must be sure to upgrade to this latest release for the benefit of your customers and yourself.

Have a look at the release notes for a full, detailed list of changes made in this new version of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and then let me tell you about some of the highlights:

Feature Highlights

USPS Shipping Rate Calculation

The USPS rate calculator API has been integrated into the shopping cart plugin fetching real time shipping rates from USPS as your customers checkout.

Instructions for setting up a USPS account and using it in the shopping cart plugin can be found here.

It is easy to setup and easy for your customers to use, this saves you time and increases conversion rates. This adds to the list of shipping methods which already include Australia Post, Canada Post and FedEx.

Built-in Gzip Compression

The built-in Gzip compression actually speeds up the shopping cart plugin by compressing all content of your pages as they are generated and sent to your users.

It uses the PHP ob_gzhandler callback function to compress content. It can make web pages up to 3 times faster than they would be without the Gzip compression.

Order Filters and Static Data

This is a little something special to help you filter your orders and quickly find the ones you need, even if there are thousands in the database.

Order filters include the completed status, payment method, shipping method and customer/user. You can use one or more filter at a time to narrow down the results. Viewing uncompleted/abandoned orders can be done now as well.

Another major improvement is that order totals, shipping details, billing details and other data are now statically saved for each order, preventing any conflicts when a customer edit their profile or when other data in the database is removed/changed.

DOMPDF Vulnerability

We recently learned that the DOMPDF library being used in the shopping cart plugin for rendering PDFs has a vulnerability, making the library insecure and allowing compromise.

A user named Jorijn posted on the WordPress forums, telling more about this security issue and how it can be prevented as announced on Twitter and Facebook.

It is very important that you install this new version of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin to prevent attackers from exploiting DOMPDF in this manner for which a modification has been made.

Customer Favorite Products

Optionally, you can turn on favorite products in the configuration of the shopping cart plugin which allows your customers to add favorites to their account using Ajax technology without moving away from the product pages.

These saved favorite products can then be retrieved from the account page at a later stage which helps customers to seamlessly bookmark products that they want to view or even buy at a later stage.

Get the new Shopping Cart plugin v1.5.5 now!

New customers can get the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin right now from our website. We have an amazing year-end promotion running at the moment so enter the discount coupon “FESTIVE” (without quotes) to apply 20% discount to any order on our site. This is valid for another 3 days only so take this opportunity right now!

Existing customers, obtain the new version of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin from your downloads management section right now. This is a crucial update as there is a security fix in this release as mentioned earlier on. You may need to renew your download if it expired, thank you for your support!

Enjoy the new version and be sure to contact us if you have any questions, queries or requests. Our support has been slow over Christmas and will be for the next couple of days as our employees have been given off from the 25th of December till the 3rd of January to spend some quality refreshment time.

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