WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin v1.2.4

So as you might already know, WordPress 2.7 has been released about 2 – 3 weeks back and it gave me the opportunity to work on a new version for the WordPress shopping cart plugin and integrate several new features to make it more usable and flexible. Please note that this version of the plugin has been specifically developed and designed for WordPress 2.7. If you are still running WordPress 2.6.X, please keep v1.2 of the plugin installed.

I apologize for the delay in getting the WordPress 2.7 version out. Rather than just fixing the wysiwyg editor and minor interface related issues, several great features have been added to the plugin. Please have a look at the WordPress shopping cart plugin v1.2.4 release notes for a detailed list of changes which have been made.

If you have already purchased the shopping cart plugin for WordPress, please go ahead and download your free update from the Tribulant downloads management section. All users who bought the WordPress plugins bundle also get this update included in the plugins bundle for free. You’ll need to login to access the downloads management section. In case you forgot your account password, you can reset it if needed.

Have fun with the new release and please send us your feedback. If you feel that there is a specific feature that needs to be included into the package which currently isn’t, please let us know so that it can be added to the development to-do list.

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