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A WordPress shopping cart plugin will be released to the public soon. The name of the plugin is WP Checkout. The plugin will transform a simple WordPress site into an online shop/ecommerce website allowing you to display products on your WordPress website and allow users/members to browse through your online shop and purchase multiple products, making use of the shopping cart functionality.

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Shopping Cart Features

  • Product Categories

    Create, edit and remove product categories as needed. Products will be assigned to these categories to keep your online shop organized and make it easily browsable to your potential customers.

  • Products

    You have the ability to create, edit and remove an unlimited number of products in the plugin database. Each product consists of several fields such as a title, description, keywords, price, etc…

  • Product Styles/Swatches

    Present individual products with multiple sets of styles. For example, you might want to sell a t-shirt which is available in different colors and additionally allow the customers to choose a size (small, medium, large, extra large, etc…)

  • Pricing Tiers

    For each product, you can choose whether the product has a fixed price or pricing tiers. A fixed price is just a straight price for the product where product tiers allow you to provide discounted prices based on unit quantity. You might want to sell a product for $20, but reduce the price to $19 per unit if the customer purchases more than 5 units and reduce the price even more to $18 per unit if the customer purchases more than 10 units. You can add unlimited product tiers.

  • Discount Coupons

    Distribute an unlimited number of discount coupons to users, each with a unique coupon code, allowing them to enter the coupon code upon checkout in order to apply a discount to the products in their cart. Each coupon you create has a title, coupon code, amount discount/percentage discount, expiry date, maximum number of uses, etc…

  • Digital Downloads

    When you create/edit a product, you can specify whether the product is digital or tangible. Tangible products will be the type of products that you physically ship to users. When you specify “Digital”, a field will appear, allowing you to upload a file for the product which will be securely available for download, only to the users who paid for the product. You can add additional files to products afterwards if you want to. Simply navigate through to the “Files” section where you manage all your digital downloads.

  • Minimum Orders

    When you create a product, you can specify whether the product has a minimum unit order required. For example, your supplier/dropshipper might require you to order 10 units of a product before they ship it, therefore, you can take control over this and force your customers to purchase a specific number of units. This is optional of course.

  • Payment Mehtods

    Multiple payment methods include PayPal, 2Checkout and Moneybookers. You can specify the payment methods you would like to use. If you feel that other payment methods should be integrated, please let us know. Authorize.net has been taken into consideration already.

  • WordPress Pages

    This is an optional feature which tells the plugin to automatically create a WordPress post/page for each product category and each product you create. This will save you loads of time since you won’t have to manually create each page with the appropriate tags in it in order to show the content of your online shop.

  • much, much more…
All feedback, suggestions and questions are welcome. Please let us know what features you need and they will possibly developed. You are our innovation and inspiration!

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  1. Antonie Potgieter on August 4, 2008

    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your comments and suggestions.
    The WordPress shopping cart plugin has been released :


    All the best,

  2. alexleonard on June 14, 2008

    Dude, this sounds amazing.

    I’ve been doing some work with the another wordpress ecommerce plugin, but it’s a difficult one to get doing what you want.

    One thing I’d love to see would be a good system for controlling paid downloads, whether they be mp3’s, pdf’s etc.

    You know, person makes a purchase of a downloadable file. When payment is approved they automatically get an email with a randomly generated link which expires in x days (or they have a password to access the download files).

    Something which would be even cooler (!) would be that if they purchase multiple downloadable files, then all items in their order are zipped before the link is sent.

    It would be great as well if each purchaser would need to create an account and that they could track their past orders and this could also then tie in with a recommendation system a lá amazon.

    Also “Customers who bought this also bought…”

    Sorry, just going off on one. I’m sure you’ve considered all of these things.

    You’re taking on a good project. I’ve been awaiting a good shopping solution for wordpress. The problem is always that there’s something missing, something that might not be a common requirement, but it makes it impossible to use without customisation.

    Are you looking at allowing potential extra modules – something that can be “plugged in” to the extension?

    Anyway – let me know if you want someone to look over the XHTML structure – I’m fairly good for spotting bugs in that and suggesting good structural HTML layout.



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