WordPress Shopping Cart v1.5

We finished the new version of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin last week and made it available so many of you have already upgraded as you noticed the upgrade notice on your ‘Plugins’ page in WordPress.

There is a long list of incredible new features and improvements in this new release of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. Many usability features have been implemented as well and we are confident that you will love them.

Let me tell you more about some of the new features in v1.5. These are only some of them so please go and have a look at the detailed release notes for a list of all new features, fixes and changes in the shopping cart.

New Features

Canada Post shipping module

Canada Post makes use of the Sell Online shipping module which we have integrated into the shopping cart.

The shipping module allows the plugin to get shipping methods and rates from Canada Post based on the destination address, order weight and dimensions of the order items. The shopping cart then displays these different Canada Post shipping methods to the customer, each with a delivery time and rate (in CAD$).

It is quick and easy to get started with Canada Post. Please follow the instructions in the documentation.

Extra Images on Save a Product

As you may know, the plugin has already supported additional images for products but it always consisted of going away from the ‘Save a Product’ screen to the ‘Product Images’ section in the plugin where they had to be uploaded one by one.

You can now manage (add and remove) extra product images while working on a product. You will notice an ‘Extra Images’ box on the ‘Save a Product’ screen where you will see all the current images and you can upload multiple, additional images to a product which will be saved as you save the product itself.

This is certainly a great usability feature and it will save you loads of time. Woohooo!

Quickly Add Categories

Very similar to the ‘Extra Images’ box mentioned above, the plugin now has a nifty little feature in the ‘Categories’ box of the ‘Save a Product’ screen which allows you to add new categories while working on a product.

Adding a new category is quick and easy! You simply click the ‘Add New Category’ link and then fill in the Category Name and select the Category Parent and click the button to add it. The categories will refresh using Ajax technology and the list will be updated.

For your convenience, the newly added category will be automatically ticked.

Get v1.5 Now!

If you haven’t purchased the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin yet and you are interested in it, we suggest that you try out the online demonstration as we are confident that it will outwit any other WordPress e-Commerce solution. We give you a discount coupon to get 15% discount when you purchase the plugin. Simply enter the coupon code 15OFF when you reach the 2CheckOut payment gateway to apply your discount.

Existing customers can obtain the astonishing new release of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin from the downloads management section right now. Simply download it and either do a new installation or upgrade your existing one by using the these instructions as guidance.

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