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If you are hosting your WordPress site with WP Engine, you may have issues with your site content not updating as you expect it to. The reason for this is because WP Engine has an internal caching system which will create page and other cache of your site to make it perform faster.

How to clear cache?

WP Engine gives instructions on how to purge/clear the cache.

So basically, just go to the “WP Engine” menu item above the “Dashboard” item and click the blue, “Purge All Caches” button.

Shopping Cart not updating

Since your WordPress eCommerce integration with our Shopping Cart plugin is dynamic, clearing the cache is not a solution.

Customers will browse your shop, add products, calculate shipping, configure billing and do several other dynamic tasks. As a result, on WP Engine, the shopping cart page and several other parts of the checkout procedure will be cached and will make it impossible for customers to checkout. As the administrator or any other logged in user, you may not see this behaviour but not-logged-in customers will get a cached shopping cart.

WP Engine provides an article on using eCommerce with WP Engine.

In short, you need to contact WP Engine and ask them to exclude your shopping cart page from the caching system by providing them with a link to your shopping cart page. Just add a product, go to the cart and copy the URL in the address bar to provide them with.

As they state:

Simply call us, chat with us, or submit a ticket to our support team. If you already know which pages should not be cached, no problem, send the list over! Otherwise, we can work together to find out which pages need to be excluded to give you the optimal performance and appropriate functionality of your ecommerce environment.

That’s it, you’re set to use the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin with WP Engine then!

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