Slideshow Gallery plugin

A new release of our FREE and popular Slideshow Gallery Plugin are now available for an update. This release is a minor release that contain a few bug fixes and security enhancements.


Why do you need to Update?

The main reason for this update was due to a security issue. The plugin was removed from the plugin directory.

The security improvements prevent plugin files from being accessed directly, it checks file mime and type of image URL on a slide, it validates, sanitizes and escapes data and we’ve implemented WordPress nonces throughout the plugin.

With all the security improvements, the plugin is restored on the directory.

We ask you kindly to give the plugin a rating and say that it “Works” on if it worked out well for you and you feel that it was helpful/useful to you.

Get the Slideshow Gallery plugin v1.5.3.2

The WordPress Slideshow Gallery plugin is a FREE plugin.

You can download it right now and use it on regular GPL terms on unlimited websites at no cost at all.

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