Slideshow Gallery plugin 1.6.4

A new update for the WordPress Slideshow Gallery is now available!

Version 1.6.4 contains many features, improvements and fixes. See the release notes for more details on what has changed.

New Features

Let’s have a look at some of the new features added to the Slideshow Gallery plugin:

Full Retina Compatibility


New retina/high definition compatibility allow slideshow galleries to appear extremely crisp on retina / high definition screens.

Show Info/Thumbnails Bar Only On Mobile


New settings have been added to hide the information bar and thumbnails bar respectively on mobile devices. With these settings turned on, these elements will automatically be hidden on mobile devices such as smartphones to ensure the images/slides are not obstructed on a smaller view.

Information Bar Position


Set the position of the information to either top or bottom. The default value is bottom so you can change it to top in the configuration settings or per slideshow as needed.

Fade Information Bar

A setting with time value is now available to fade the information bar after a few seconds.

Show Information Bar Only On Hover

With this setting turned on, the information bar will only pop up once the slideshow is hovered by cursor or touch.

Slideshow Gallery Video

Get the Slideshow Gallery plugin 1.6.4

If you already have the WordPress Slideshow Gallery Plugin, update it to version 1.6.4 in your WordPress dashboard.

If you need the WordPress Slideshow Gallery you can purchase it on our site.

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