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Stay Ahead of Disasters: Windows Online Backup Essentials

Information security assumes unparalleled importance in the vast domain of digital landscapes, where data is king. Even with the incomparable advantages that the digital age has brought forth, we are now more conscious than ever of the threat posed by data disasters. System errors and hostile cyberattacks are only two examples of the numerous and […]

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FAQs v1.3.1 Bug Fix

We found a bug in yesterday’s release of the WordPress FAQs plugin version 1.3. The problem was caused in short by renaming the database tables and an alteration query to adapt didn’t execute as it should’ve. This gave the impression that all data, including the groups, questions and answers being lost. If you upgraded and […]

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Beautiful Newsletter Templates

Professional newsletter templates that are fully responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile. They are 100% cross-client compatible.

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