How Much Does An App Design Cost?

It’s no secret that users are increasingly preferring smartphones instead of their PCs or laptops. Mobile traffic consumption is constantly increasing, and the application market is rapidly developing. But mobile app development has one peculiarity: a wide range of prices in the market. One cannot accurately answer the question of how much the application will cost – in each case, the app design cost will be different.

In this article, we’ll figure out what the cost of the application depends on.


What Does App Design Include?

To understand how the cost of an application design is estimated, you should know what the app design itself is.

Mobile app design is not only an external product solution. The way the interface is designed and perceived together with the relevant visualization affects the work of the entire project and its positive assessment by users. In other words, it is not only about the product’s appearance but also about its usability.

Application design is a large part of the development process as a whole. To start working on the design, it is necessary to research the target audience, analyze competitors’ products, think over the interface, logo, and so on.


Factors Defining App Design Cost

What can influence the application design cost? Here are the factors to consider:


Developer’s professionalism

It is no secret that the more experienced and qualified the application designer is, the higher their services will cost. In addition, the price may vary depending on the country where the developer is located.


The app functional complexity

The price is determined by the complexity of the work that specialists will have to do. The number of screens, controls, device type, languages supported – the more features your product has, the higher the cost of the design is.


UI / UX design

The higher the level of complexity of UI/UX design tasks is, the higher the cost will be.

UX is about all user interactions with a product. It is the impressions of working with the interface, the application logic, and the usability.

UI design is how the product interface visually looks. It should be beautiful, meet modern standards, and still remain convenient. UI design involves more than just creating beautiful icons. These icons should immediately make it clear to the client about their functions, interface hierarchy, etc.


The type of operating system

The application will be developed differently for different mobile platforms. Together, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS possess almost 100% of the global mobile operating systems market in 2021 – and it looks like this number isn’t going to change in the nearest future. There are some other mobile OSs that are practically not used anymore.
The choice of the operating system largely determines the cost of the application design.


Number of screens

The more screens an application has, the more time and effort it will take to create it. Accordingly, such a product will cost more.


Flat design

Flat design is a key web design trend for the coming years. Flat design implies minimalistic solutions, a simple user interface. Geometric shapes are often used, with no visual effects overlapping. It creates the feeling of a stylish and modern product, makes the content simple and easy to understand. However, creating a minimal app can be trickier than it sounds. Thus, modern and stylish flat design is another factor directly influencing the price.


Keeping up with the latest trends

For a product to be successful and in demand among users, it’s essential to take into account the latest trends in web design, understand in which direction they are developing and what tools to use for this. A product that meets all modern standards and trends cannot be cheap.


How Is The App Design Cost Estimated?

The cost of a mobile application design is always defined individually. Only the finished product has a fixed price. The development team needs some introductory information to make a rough estimate of the future project: the purpose of the product, the desired operating system, a general description of the functionality. The better the description of the project is provided by the client, the more accurately developers will be able to name the final price.

To determine the final price, we need to compose a technical assignment, which will describe in detail all the tools, technologies, functions, and desired results. The design cost also depends on analytics, engineering, testing, and management requirements.

Of course, in this article, we only give a general idea of how the app design cost is formed. Each project is unique and requires an individual approach and evaluation. Only technically savvy specialists who understand the entire development process in detail can objectively assess the cost of a project. You can get in touch with our team of professionals and we will help you define the cost of your product design.

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