How to Choose Tech Stack for Your Web App

You must decide what tech stack to use when creating a web application. Various programming languages and databases are available for use, and which you choose will depend on multiple factors. This post discusses how to select tech stacks for your web app.


What is a Tech Stack?

IT projects rely on various tools, frameworks, databases, and programming languages. The combination of all these required tools is what a tech stack is. When planning project development, one key factor is the tech stack to use for the application, especially web applications.

Again, it is essential to understand the available tech stack, such that when you want to hire remote software developers, you can specify or interview them on what tech stack they will use for your project.


How to Choose Tech Stack for Your Web App

There are various tech stacks, such as .NET, LAMP, MEAN, etc. Which stack works best for your web application depends on the following factors.


1.     Define Your Platform

The expectations of your project matter a lot. Before choosing the stack to use, you must define the final product’s target platform. Different stacks support different platforms. So, understand the stack you plan to build your web application for, then check what stacks support that platform.


2.     Understand the Size of Your Web Project

The complexity of the web project is a crucial factor in deciding which stack to use. Some stacks are best for small projects, while others support complex projects. The size of the project depends on its requirements. Hence, you must understand and estimate the size of your project to guide the approach to use when selecting a web tech stack for your case.


3.     Scalability

Suppose you are building a scalable web app. It would be best if you had a tech stack that supports scalability, such that when you get future changes in requirements, you can quickly and conveniently rely on the tech stack to accommodate the new changes. Some tech stacks offer more scalability than others.

The project’s scalability depends on how best you define your project’s requirements and size. For instance, if you are starting with a small project that you speculate will grow in the future, you need a tech stack that can handle a complex and scalable project.


4.     Team Expertise

What skill level does your IT team have? Although you can use plenty of tech stacks for your web app, you must select a tech stack that your development team is comfortable with. That way, you will get quality output and won’t spend time learning new skills. So, match the tech stack with the skills and experience of your team.


5.     Maintenance and Cost

When choosing a tech stack, you want to lean on the option with easy maintenance and less implementation cost. That way, you save on recurring maintenance costs and can create and maintain your project without breaking the bank.



Choosing a tech stack ideal for your web app is a crucial step. We’ve seen the five factors to consider when choosing a tech stack for your web app. With that, feel free to select your preferred tech stack.

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