10 tips for designing an effective landing page that converts

You know you have a brilliant idea and are excited about the prospects of starting your project. But for your website to have a successful takeoff, you are going to have to design some killer landing pages.

New to the concept

If this is all unchartered territory, you may need a little background information. Landing pages are pages of your website where a visitor “lands” when they have clicked on a Google AdWords ad or anything similar. Primarily, they are designed for paid traffic with a single focus – Call to Action (CTA).

With paid advertising campaigns, you get to choose where the link takes your visitors. It can take them to your website’s homepage, or a standalone landing page designed especially for a particular ad campaign.

Needless to say, your landing pages must be on target if you want them to be effective. You are going to have to create a page that persuades visitors to take that one desired action, whether it’s a purchase, subscription to a newsletter, request for a free demo, or viewing an exceptional piece of inbound content.

Why are landing pages important?

Most businesses are transferring online, and companies are using marketing technologies to drive growth. But more importantly, it’s their marketing campaigns that are propelling brands into the digital space.

An effective landing page is what helps to promote a brand’s products and services. It is a quick way to convert a mere visitor into a loyal customer. In fact, according to marketingsherpa.com, nearly 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to generate leads for future conversion.

Hiring professionals to build and manage an online presence is the ideal means of driving traffic, improving SEO, and building your brand.

Tips for designing compelling landing pages

So regardless of what you’re offering, you need a robust landing page campaign. The solution lies in the style and content you use. The landing page should be as persuasive and engaging as possible, to motivate the visitor to take the desired action.

And the best landing pages are the ones that convince a viewer that they’ve come to the right place. Want in on some of the tips and tricks of the trade? Then here are some ideas that you should consider.

1. Keep it simple

The design of your landing page should be minimalistic yet attractive. Aim at providing information non-intrusively so that users can enjoy the content. Select a font that is easy to read. Here, Outlook Studios website serves as a perfect example. It is easy to navigate and doesn’t contain elements that distract users.

To increase conversion rates, allow viewers to consume content without getting easily sidetracked. Use plenty of white space and reduce extra visual elements to create a clean design. This will help keep people focused on your product and CTA. Effective landing pages often do not have links or any other distractions.

2. Grab the viewer’s attention

Evoke curiosity with an attention-grabbing headline. It’s the first text that your visitors see. And you have less than 8 seconds to do it. Once you do that, viewers will continue to read on.

3. Present a valuable message

Think back to marketing 101, and you’ll remember the importance of communicating with clarity. Clearly, state the benefit that your brand is offering and what visitors can gain from your landing page. Use appropriate adjectives to captivate the reader, but avoid non-descriptive words such as “we sell success” or “we work so you can rest.”

4. The message should be on target

More importantly, align your message with a broad target audience. Begin by identifying your product’s promise to get the viewer’s attention. Highlight what your product/service does to convince consumers they need it. Remember to keep the message valuable and consistent with your customer’s needs. Here, you can take example of Cyclemon. They have represented their message in a fun way.

5. Use bullets to communicate key points

People often skim content. Bullet points provide essential information in a concise, easy-to-read style. Convey your message in as few words as possible.

6. Use appropriate images and color schemes

Create landing pages that appeal to your audience. Implement interactive designs alongside beautiful heading and alluring illustrations. Capture the interest of the visitor and guide their eyes towards the CTA. But other aspects, such as a security badge near the payment section, can also help boost conversions.

7. Create an effective CTA

At the same time, optimize the CTA button so that it stands out on the page. After the headline, a CTA is your second biggest chance to improve conversion rates. These clickable buttons encourage conversions, so essential to use just one. Otherwise, there is a risk of diverting a visitor’s attention.

Aim at keeping the message short, ideally 5-7 words. It’s highly effective to use verbs that indicate the value, such as “Get free demo” or “Create your account.”

8. Place the CTA where visitors don’t miss it

The position of the CTA on the landing page is also crucial. Placing it above the fold makes it hard to ignore. That way, it is visible to people without the need to scroll down.

9. Integrate with social media

Social media presence is vital-everyone is using it. So having any social media integration on your landing page can effectively boost conversions. Strategies include:

  • ‘Share’ button that lets viewers re-post the landing page with their contacts

  • ‘Follow’ button that allows the visitor to continue interaction on any platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

10. Ask for the minimum information

A signup form on your landing page is an ideal way to generate traffic to your website as well as increase leads. But people today are pressed for time. The last thing a random visitor wants is a lengthy form to fill.

Aim at keeping the interaction time short and quick. Ask only the bare essentials. Usually, an email address will suffice. This will engage users and help raise the number of conversions.

Final thoughts

According to hubspot.net, a landing page can generate a 5-15% conversion rate. Though the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%, you want to aim as high as possible.

Designing a high-converting landing page isn’t tricky. You need to know which elements to include and how to structure them inevitably. And if you take the time to test and analyze your landing page, you can significantly optimize it. That way, you will get a chance to boost the number of conversions and leads your website is getting.

So are you ready to real in your customers?

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