10 Web Design Tips to Convert Visitors Into Customers

A conversion rate is a percentage of website visitors that make use of the service/product you provide on the number of all website visitors.

It isn’t difficult to estimate the conversion rate of an e-commerce project – the number of purchasers should be deducted from the total number of website visitors. You won’t find a company that doesn’t care about the conversion rate since it is the aspect that directly affects the success of any project. The main purpose of the business is to get revenue, so if your conversion is low – it is time to appraise the website and plug the “holes in the buckets”.

There is no single formula for a superb conversion since it depends on different factors, such as niche you are working in, level of the audiences wealth, type and structure of your company, and so on. However, there are some “laws” that cover special manners of visual perceiving and consumption that any website owner should know in order to provide all visitors with the best online experience. In addition, there is a variety of tips and tricks to increase your conversion rate, so you can make use of them as well!!

Today, we have listed 10 most useful web design tips that for sure will help to convert visitors into customers.

1. Color solution

The “color question” is one of the most important, since it can undermine all the efforts you put into the creation of the website design. Using a certain color, you build a specific atmosphere on the website.

Using color psychology tricks you can affect visitors impression and actions encouraging them to buy the product.

Working with the website color scheme, take into account your brand logo and make sure it harmoniously blends in with the whole website layout. Also, remember, it is better to use a light background since it is simpler for a human’s eye to consume the information displayed on a light layout than on a dark one.

Color is a kind of a prologue to the story of your brand and it is beneficial for you to inflame visitors interest with it.

2. Bold typography

Bold typography is a good-old trend in the website design and there is a good reason for that. The thing is that big bold letters make any information look more valuable.

You know the situation when people miss points being mentioned with a fine print. Because of the crazy-busy pace of modern life, people tend to miss small details and come down straight to business. Knowing that you can hide weak points of your content if any. There are some examples of creative typography that will help you to impress the Internet community.

Using bold colorful typography you can highlight the most important and beneficial information which, basically, forces the conversion.

3. Simple navigation

People hate being confused. And the website navigation is often that aspect of the website, that seems visitors too “something” – too little / too much information, too intricate, to multi-step, and so on.

When building a website, make sure you adjust it in accordance with your interest. Navigate your visitors straight to the product or service you provide. Let us suppose that you are a consulting company – then you need to make sure your visitors can easily get in touch with, you placing contact forms or a chat button in a clearly displayed place. Meanwhile, a peculiarity of the navigation for an e-store is that most clicks must lead to a product page.

Remember, if a visitor went to your website then he is ready to make a purchase, so shorten his/her path with comprehensive navigation.

4. Neat whitespace

Whitespace, also known as negative space, is the emptiness between all the elements of your website design. You might have seen websites with colorful wallpapers or a video-background. Indeed, it is the way to grab visitors attention. However, it can distract visitors from the actual content. The much better use for whitespace is to place call-to-action and sign up buttons there. As you can see from the example below, the combination of clear background and bold typography looks super smart.

5. Social media engagement

Social media is not bloggers-only-area anymore. Any modern website cannot exist apart from social media. Tweets and shares are spreading the information at the speed of light so it is better for you to provide your visitors with an opportunity to tell about your website online.

It is the laziest yet the most effective promotion for any project. Simply use feeds and buttons under all your posts and link your social media accounts and you will get much more links on social media that lead to your website.

6. Minimization of visitors effort

As we have mentioned before, modern people are in a rush all the time. They won’t overcome 10 website pages in order to find a piece of needed information but find a resource that combines all the essentials on the main website page. What we mean, is you should design the website in such a way your visitor get “the solution” from the first moment on being your website.

7. The “F” pattern

Website users behavior is similar to a book readers’ one. Knowing that you can place Call-To-Action buttons, video, recent posts, and other significant pieces of content on the left side of the layout. Meanwhile, locate the secondary priority information on the right side of the website. So, you distribute the attention of the visitor to your best benefit.  This is an excellent strategy that helps to catch visitors attention and encourage them to explore the website.

8. Video content

A video is a powerful instrument that allows manipulating people emotions. Your visitors will be deeply moved by the combination of a certain story and music. What you need to make a video that affects the conversion rate is to know your audience’s interest. Create a video that raises important for your visitors’ matters. A video is the most efficient way to showcase products and demonstrate its awesomeness in action.

9. Optimization for speed

If you want to satisfy the impatient Internet community – make your website load in a flash. All you need is to truncate files, use simple, clean, and valid HTML and CSS code, and use only those plugins your business benefits from. Get rid of all non-binding visual and functional website aspects. It will make your website much more user and SEO-friendly.

10. Bring value!

Saying “buy this product now!” is not the best way to grab people attention and get more sales. In fact, such a promotion campaign discourages with its imposition.

That’s exactly why your initial task is to provide the audience with useful/interesting/ entertaining content. Even though you build a website to push a product, do not make the promotion itself the key purpose of your online existence. The most reputable and profitable e-commerce project a large amount of time and effort creating fascinating content to share with their visitors.

You might think it is a waste of time that won’t let you get more money. However, we believe trustworthy relationships between brand and customers underpin of a successful online performance. Do not try to monetize every single move of yours. Crafting practical and engaging content you build a robust bridge that leads random visitors from elsewhere into a list of our grateful loyal customers.

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