3 Industries using impressive web design to attract new customers

We all know the impact that WordPress first had when it was released on websites and blogs around the world. As the system made it a lot simpler for people to update their websites, it meant that they were updates with more content more regularly. As well as increasing the number of blog posts made every month, it also increased the number of people who felt confident to start and run their own blog or website. While WordPress is one of the best examples where good web design has led to a huge surge in users, it’s not the only example out there of this happening on the world wide web. Here’s a look at three other big industries that are reaping the rewards of investing in impressive web design.



When you think of a casino, you probably don’t think about any particular building, game, or even a country. When someone says that word to you, you probably think of the exciting atmosphere and the adrenaline you feel when you step into one. Many people would think that you simply couldn’t replicate those same feelings in a virtual world. In reality, great web design has allowed these big casino businesses to open websites filled with games that are just as exciting to play. The great design means that these games are played in virtually the same way. Many websites, like All Slots Canada, have even added animations to their themed games to make any victory look a lot more visually pleasing than the traditional flashing lights and ringing of a bell in a physical casino. The best feature is, of course, that all people have to do to play these games is log onto the website. That means the days of only being able to play at a casino if you have the time to travel to one are long gone.


Sending a greetings card

There are very few forms of communication in this world that feel more personal than sending a greetings card. Traditionally these have always been bought from a physical shop, so the customer had the chance to write a personal message inside before sending it to their loved one. That was until the internet came up with a great new way to send a personal card to someone. Many websites now let you design your own card, uploading photos, and choosing your own text, which you can send directly to your loved one. These websites manage to make the whole process so simple, meaning that virtually anyone can use them no matter how much design experience you have.


Booking a cinema ticket

When going to the cinema, there was always that fear that the showing would be sold out before you got there. That often meant you felt like you had to go to the cinema hours in advance or simply wait a few weeks until the popularity of the film has died down. Now cinemas are using online booking systems to allow you to guarantee your seat before you leave the house. Not only does it mean you know you’ll get a seat, but it’s also helping cinemas reduce the number of seats left empty at each showing.

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