3 Ways for Your Business to Afford the Website it Needs to Succeed

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With so much of our lives now conducted through the internet, a brilliant website is crucial to your business’ chances of success. According to the eCommerce Foundation, 88 percent of consumers will research products or businesses online before they commit to a purchase of goods or services.

If they’re confronted by a business website that is difficult to navigate, chances are they’ll give up very quickly and seek out another company. If it isn’t up-to-date, then that says this is a business that doesn’t take care of its online presence and if they don’t take care of that, what sort of service will they provide – and speaking of services, if it isn’t obvious what you offer then how can you expect to make a sale?

This is why you need to have a professional and regularly updated website in order for your business to thrive. Think that sounds expensive? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Here are three ways for your business to afford the website it needs to succeed.

Build a website yourself

Long gone are the days when you had to be Bill Gates to build your own website. There are countless step-by-step guides online as well as simple website builders that allow you to construct and design your own site without having to have a clue as to what HTML is – and the best thing is that bar paying for a hosting and a domain name, it’s completely free.

Content Management Systems such as WordPress make building your business’ website yourself a realistic prospect, providing you have the time and patience to undertake the task.

Barter exchange your services for that of a website developer’s

Barter exchanges are becoming a more common way of doing business as companies look to cut the amount they are spending. The premise is simple – you offer to carry out work for another business for free in exchange for them carrying out work for you. You’re essentially paying with your wares – or bartering.

Say you are a law firm who needs a new, modern website. Rather than pay a web developer a lot of money to carry out the work, you offer them any legal services that they may require for free in exchange for them building your website for nothing. As long as you’ve got a service or product to sell, you can give it away for free to help you get the website you need.

Pay for the work to be done

If it comes down to it, then you may just have to pay for the work to be done. A top quality website is something that no business can do without if it wants to be successful, especially as the digitization of humankind is only gong to increase in the coming years.

That makes a first class digital presence essential. It doesn’t matter how you pay for it, whether it be via your company’s accounts, a credit card or a loan from direct payday lenders, the investment will over time guarantee you an upturn in business.

As always when purchasing a goods or service, shop around for the best value and select a company with a proven track record. Your business website is an area in which you want the best available provider getting it completely right.

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