6 tips to increase traffic to your WordPress site

If you are conducting your online project, then one of the main tasks is to constantly attract and increase traffic to your website. To attract incoming traffic, it must constantly grow, otherwise the dream of a “4-hour workweek” will never come true.

But, getting “pure” inbound traffic is not as simple a task as it might seem. A lot of trial and error awaits you on the way. It would be much easier to seek the help of experts and take advantage of Sydney SEO services like Digital Search. But still, we have some recipes and tips for successfully building up traffic. We will share them with you in this post. So, let’s go!


1. Optimize your posts to show in SERPs

Ranking in Google SERPs is a real headache for most bloggers; but in fact, the position of your post on the SERP page is just as important as simply indexing your content with Google’s crawlers. According to data from Manchester SEO Safari, as of 2021, the top 3 results in Google search account for more than 70% of total website clicks. From there, the remaining 7 results on page one of Google account for around 22%. The takeaway? If you are not ranking in the top 3 results in Google search, it is going to be extremely difficult for your website to be found.

Generally speaking, there are 2 important factors that you should consider, 2 parameters that you should be most concerned about:

Title: it should be written so that it looks as much as possible like a typical search query left by the user in the search bar. SEO Specialist Liam Ridings recommends “front-loading” your description with your most important keywords for maximal effect.

Post description: always write a meta description for the posts so that the user has a clear idea of ​​what awaits him when he clicks on the found link.


2. Use the navigation chain

The navigation chain (Navigation menu, Breadcrumbs) is an excellent technique for optimizing your site: the user will know where he got and what he expects regarding the general structure of the site.

But breadcrumbs have one more advantage: they add “lever” of optimization and increase the position of your site on the page with search results.

As you can see, these data fall into the search results, give users more information about the data they are looking for on the query in the search string. And, any additional information only benefits your resource.


3. A good headline is very important.

Anyone who has devoted even a little time to writing blog posts and articles regularly knows how important a good headline is. The same post may turn out to be disastrous or viral depending on how well the headline is composed.

With this in mind, composing an attractive headline can become one of the factors of “pumping” traffic for your Internet resource.

By comparing the successful and unsuccessful heading formats based on the results of the split tests, you can choose the manner and submission of headings for posts, which leads to more clicks on your resource.


4. Use internal and cross-references

Little is so important for increasing traffic on a site and attracting new visitors, like cross-links between posts. Many users ignore navigation links and menu items, but they usually click links in the text of the article.

We recommend that in each post you place a maximum of relevant links to other articles and pages related to topics and topics of discussion. True, the functionality of WordPress does not always allow you to implement this task easily and simply.


5. Add a block with similar posts to the posts

You are probably familiar with the concept of adding a list of relevant (similar) posts; it looks something like this:

The inclusion of related posts increases the engagement of casual visitors and regular readers to increase the duration of reading content on your site.


6. Resubmit old posts to Twitter

If you like microblogging just like me, then there’s no point in explaining why Twitter is a great tool to drive additional traffic to your site.

These are basic tips to help increase traffic of your website.

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