7 Top Web-Design Trends To Level Up Your Website


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Web design is the first impression of your website, so its visual aspect should be appealing, interesting, and up-to-date in order to stand out in the online landscape. With the help of various web design trends circulating on the internet and advancing throughout time, it is easier for you to stay up-to-date on the latest styles, techniques, and elements of shaping your modern website.

In this guide, we will show you the 7 top web-design trends to efficiently level up your website.


  1. Frame-by-Frame: Hand-Drawn Sketches Animatics

A.I.-generated animations are frequently used nowadays as they make it easier for some web designers to create designs. However, hand-drawn sketch animations are undeniably far more interesting.

To make your website more unique, unleash your creativity by drawing or sketching your own animatic designs. ‘Procreate Dreams’ is one of the notable app that supports hand-drawn animated sketches by simply using your gadgets, making it an easier and more enjoyable way of crafting the design of your website.


  1. Mosaic of Information: Bento UI Designs

Bento Grids or Bento UI is inspired by the Japanese bento box. Large companies such as Apple and Microsoft have been using this simple yet organized layout in their products. The CSS grid is one of the tools that you can use to create this bento design. By creating grids with different sizes to showcase various relevant text elements related to your product, business, or whatever you are presenting on your website, your audience does not need to click through multiple pages or scroll down to find what they’re looking for, as they are already one click away.


  1. Interactive and 3D Designs

3D technology has become a valuable tool in various industries nowadays. If you want to create an astonishing visual effect or show your product or business through an interactive 3D website, then you might want to try Three.js. This site stands out as a worthy choice for making your website enticing, eye-catching, and fun. It’s easy to use, offering enough tools to assist in creating your designs, and they also provide modules to help you learn how to use it.

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  1. Flexible Website: Responsive Web-Designs

This design refers to different designated layouts for your website to work properly on different devices. By utilizing a set of font sizes and the right images that can be cropped into different scales compatible with the screen sizes of various devices, this will enhance the viewers’ convenience and experience with your website.


  1. Dark mode/design

Dark mode and design features have gained popularity on websites and apps due to their benefits, including battery savings and improved eye comfort. Additionally, a dark interface can impart a professional appearance to your modern website(s). Consider online casinos as an example; the majority of their sites are often designed with a dark theme, coupled with luxurious designs. This intentional choice aims to highlight game elements, going beyond the previously mentioned benefits of dark designs.

If you’re seeking references, explore the top online casinos in Australia recommended by experts. Given Australia’s emphasis on gambling, the advantages of dark mode and designs in their casinos are evident. Incorporating these elements into your website is worthwhile, as they can enhance the overall experience for your readers. Take the opportunity to learn and observe how these design elements are favored by players.


  1. Dimensionality and Overlaying

Layering elements, such as text on top of images or shapes on top of anything, brings a touch of liveliness to your design and avoids the risk of a flat appearance on your web and interface. It is like an eclectic collage format that brings a lot of interest and variety to your web design. There are sites or tools that you can use, such as the user-friendly Canva.


  1. Create your Imagination: AI Imagery

Use your imagination and creativity to create the photo you want to generate. By simply describing the photo you want to generate, the power of artificial intelligence brings your image to life in a matter of seconds. This tool can be useful when designing your website that would look lively and captivating with your unique vision of generating photos. Photoleap, DALL-E 2, and Fotor are some of the sites available for AI image generators that you can efficiently use in your web design.

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