8 Tips For Designing An Awesome Vacation Rental Website

The internet is a great place to start promoting your business. This is made possible by the fact that every year the network is replenished with a huge number of different sites that can help you in the realization of your promotion idea. For example, entertainment sites that offer visitors to play online roulette or video games can help you with advertising, and sites in your line of business can boost your visitor traffic.

Over the years, there have been many vacation rental websites set up online to promote their business. Booking a vacation rental has become an easy task since one would have a great variety to choose from. This makes it very important to have an attractive website for your vacation rental so that the user feels drawn in.

They must be able to understand the website easily and feel inclined to stay. If you are new to designing a website, do not stress because we have all the tips to help you get the best.

The design of your website is extremely important for your business. It is the very thing you are selling since this is what your user sees before making their decisions. That would mean that your website is the product that you must sell.


Benefits of Having a Vacation Rental Website

Using the internet for marketing is highly beneficial. Especially if what you are selling is a vacation rental, the customer base for this is quite high. Designing a website for this very reason, has the following benefits:

  • Client Can Book Your Properties Directly: clients can book their appointments at their own ease.
  • You Can Expand Only Credibility: you can build a good reputation.
  • You Are On Your Way to Build a Brand: people from all over the world can come to your website, which would make your rental business expand.


  1. Pick a Good Domain Name:

It is very important to have a good domain name for your website. And it should be easy to say and unique as well.

Reason of the domain name’s uniqueness is because it should not be lost in the midst of other similar search results. Users should be able to pronounce the name with ease so that they can remember it.

  • Dynadot: they have plenty of extensions as well as country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs -e.g., .ca and .co.uk).
  • Network solutions: they have a huge variety of TLDs to choose from. They also provide other services.


  1. Build Your Vacation Rental Website Quickly With

  • WordPress: WordPress helps in building websites and helps with content management as well. It is one of the easiest ways for you to get started on your website. Since it is an open-source system, anyone can change the software and use it for free.


  1. Pick a Good Hosting:

Web hosting is one of the most important aspects of owning a website. All the data that keeps your website floating has to be stored somewhere. Web hosting companies provide these services to take care of this for you.

  • Tribulant Hosting: This hosting company provides free SSL and daily backups. It is highly popular with its customers thanks to its WordPress plugins.
  • Brontobytes: This is considered one of the best for WordPress. It also includes free domain with certain plans and free SSL. It has a very impressive uptime of 99.9%. When compared to other sites, this is the most pocket-friendly option.


  1. Create Your Hosting Account:

Once you pick a good hosting company, you must create a hosting account. The company you choose will most likely have a set of instructions that should be followed to create one.

The common steps to be followed are to have your domain name be connected to the hosting package. Then, you have to choose which tool you are going to use to create your site.

The last step is to make sure that your website is secure and is not prone to hacking. Make sure it is safe for you and the users to use.


  1. Pick a Template from the Website Builder of Your Choice

The advantage of using a website builder is that you do not have to build the website up from scratch. Choose a template that will be provided on the website. The template will likely be themed to attract different audiences.

For example, websites can have blog-themed templates for those who are starting a blog. Look at all the available templates and make a conscious choice.

The template must draw in customers and make them feel comfortable using the website platforms. This is a very important step, and take the time you need to make your choice rightfully.


  1. Start Adding New Pages and Contents to Your Vacation Rental Website:

Once you have chosen your template, start customizing it. The new content you add should be easy to read and information that catches the eye.

Here are some of the common pages that you can add to your website:

  • Home: this should include an introduction to your rental and the area around.
  • Properties Gallery: include pictures so that the customer is able to get a glimpse of the atmosphere.
  • About me: this will help provide a personal touch.
  • Contact me: if the customer has queries, they would have the ability to contact you.


  1. Utilize the Drag and Drop Option From the Website Builder:

The drag and drop feature of website builders will help customize a website. Not all websites provide this, so make sure to choose a website that does.

This will help you to get fixed themes based on how you want your website to look. It will help do the work on your behalf and make it simple. However, you can always add a personal touch. Using this function will save a great deal of time.


  1. Scan Your Content for Any Errors and Launch the Pages:

Before you launch your website, make sure you check it for errors. This is because making mistakes is common, and rather than regretting this later, you could easily check them and then launch the pages.



A lot goes into creating the perfect website, but it has many benefits once you have it. You are opening your business to people all over the world. This will bring in international supporters who can help develop your reputation.

If your website becomes extremely popular, you can even open new branches over the places it finds popularity.

Having an attractive website attracts customers to your website, and the more traffic you bring to the website, the higher it earns its place in the search results. Soon, you could make great profits just from creating a website as a marketing tool.

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