Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Website

Why should I redesign my website yet it’s still working and about a year back, someone told me that my site was cool? Well, the unfortunate thing here is that a website that was cool yesterday may not necessarily be cool today or tomorrow. It’s also not accurate to say that provided your website hasn’t crumbled to the ground, there is no point of wasting money on a redesign. In this article, we look at some of the reasons as to why regular web redesigns are important for your online reputation. Please read on.

1. To Make It Both Mobile and Desktop Friendly

Let’s face it: the modern customer values convenience more than anything else. Another quick fact: the modern customer has moved from using desktops/laptops to browse online. He is now using smartphones and other conveniently portable devices. As a matter of fact, seasoned companies are planning app development with the primary focus of winning over as many mobile users as possible.

If your website is sluggish or isn’t tailored for the mobile browsers, regardless of how qualitative your products or services are, your online presence is in a serious jeopardy. And to make matters worse, mobile browsers are too many that if they decide to tarnish your online reputation for the simple reason that your website is sluggish, their negative reviews will achieve that instantly. This is why you must redesign your website and make it possible for mobile users to access your content, leave reviews or comments, and make purchases without having to look for a laptop.

2. To Keep It Up-To-Date With the Prevailing Industry Standards

If everyone in your industry is redesigning their websites, why should you be left behind? Evolving in tandem with your industry’s standards is a sure way of ensuring that you keep up to speed with your seasoned competitors, It is also a way to withstand the pressure that new entrants bring along. It doesn’t matter if your website is working or not. When the wave of change blows your way, it’s wise not to resist.

3. To Protect Your Brand

When you were starting out, you presented yourself as the game changer within your industry. You probably even backed that up by setting the industry’s pace over several years. That brand image that you created back in the day has earned you a reputation that has, in turn, earned you a significant number of loyal customers/online visitors. Now pause and think, what would happen to your clients if you retained that outdated website, thus failing to live up to the promising brand you made them believe in? They would be disappointed.

4. To Demonstrate To Your Competitors and Customers That Your Company Is Growing

One indicator of online growth is an improved website. You started as a small company which was struggling to attract new online traffic but here you are now… your website is getting tons of new visitors every day. Of course, as the traffic grows, you will need to redesign your website to cater to the volume changes. What’s more, your clients and competitors mostly associate website upgrades with increased revenue and online traffic. Improving to a multilingual website communicates to your potential customers that you are ready for the global market. If you fail to upgrade, even your loyal customers will doubt the legitimacy of your business.

5. To Add New Functionalities

Before the social media grew into the marketing power house that it is today, there was no need for the social plugins that websites are incorporating today. The same can be said about SEO plugins. Their relevance came when Google improved its SEO algorithms about a decade back. Of course, you understand how important these plugins, among several others, have improved website functionality today. There will be more functionality plugins going forward and for any website to take full advantage of them, it must keep redesigning on a regular basis.

6. To Keep Your Site’s UX In Line With the Constantly-Changing Customer Tastes

As long as your website is growing, you cannot wish away the diverse tastes and preferences that new users bring along. The better you appeal to their emotions, the likelier they are to hang around for long. A constantly improving user experience (UX) is the only viable way to achieving this. Are your potential customers struggling to add products to cart? Do visitors find problems when trying to find their way around the website? What are their reviews? Don’t wait until your reputation is completely distorted, improve your site’s UX.

7. SEO Optimization

This is a combination of the six factors above. All the reasons as to why you should redesign your website boils down to one thing: SEO-friendliness. A good SEO ranking will make your website more visible to its target audience. Also, by redesigning it will make Google happy, just go ahead and do it.

Redesigning your website is like therapy. You don’t feel like you need it but once you realize how important it is, you just cannot get enough of it. You should, therefore, ensure that your website is up-to-date at all time.

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