Top 9 Web Design Trends in 2019

2019 is here, and we are expecting the approach of the last chapter of this decade. The emergence of the Internet has made significant progress, and many new innovations have come up. We have seen mobile becoming the king in the Internet world. VR, AR, AI, AMP, and many other trends are coming up. With all this exciting modern technology, we have also seen the coming up on new trends in web design that have rocked the online world. We have witnessed creativity at its best in the forms of beautiful photos, vibrant animations, bold colors, unusual layouts, and other exciting factors in web design.

Here are some of the dominating web design trends that have rocked 2019.

1. Serifs On Screen

There is this rule about serifs being only for prints, and sans serifs being for the screen. However, when new design trends emerged, this rule changed a little. Sans serif, with its clean readability, is still popular when it comes to more prolonged bouts of website copy. However, more brands are opting for bold serifs in headers, callouts, and other aspects of their design. There is an apparent reason why this is so. It is because Serifs were originally designed for decorative purposes, which made them ideal for emphasis. The truth is that even though serifs are commonly linked to the past years, they are very adaptable. For example, the rounded serifs have been known to create cheerful branding. 

2. Black and White Palettes 

One of the essential elements of a website is its color. It is known to enhance the mood, give a face to the brand, and guide users as they navigate through an interface by creating crucial visual landmarks. During the year of 2019, there have been many bold black and white web designs that have made quite impressive statements. 

Color defines how we see the world. So when the color is absent, we begin to notice the textures and shapes which are now clearer than ever before. White is usually clean and reserved, while black is strong and bold. When these two are combined, the result is this fantastic striking look that is also very expressive. This is the reason black and white designs have become so popular. Therefore, designers have taken advantage of this effect and have used color accents to break up the monochrome and make the essential information leap out to the site visitors.

3. Natural, Organic Shapes 

For some time now, systematic grids were the norm for web pages. However, currently, web designers are focusing more on natural shapes and smooth lines. The geometric shapes create a sense of stability with their sharp corners. But the current natural forms elicit comfort and promotes the feeling of accessibility. 

Organic shapes are naturally asymmetrical and are known to offer depth to a web design enabling the page elements to stand out. The main aim here is to make the design of the web feel human and alive through that illusion of nature and movement.

4. Glitch Art 

Glitch art is a retro gone wrong. Think about when a crinkled film makes that distorted but striking image. Glitches have become popular in modern graphics. It is a strange, exciting design and does its job well, which is draw the eye to the spot with the glitch. Glitch art design enhances this feeling of disorientation when one views the site resulting in this unique look. 

5. Micro-Interactions 

Micro-interactions in designs are created for a single purpose, and that is to surprise the user and create this amazing, inviting, and human experience. Every time a user takes action on the website or app, this results in a specific response. This is exciting and surprising because most of the time, the user is not expecting a reply after an action. Web pages have commonly featured interactive responses in the form of animations, chimes, color changes, and a lot more. This has been a great way to involve users of a website, keep them interested and noticing all the things that matter. Companies have discovered this and are using it to make the most impact on their target audience. 

6. Chatbots 

Chatbots have been around for a while now, but in 2019 they have been quite popular. This is mainly because of advancements in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. This has made chatbots more intelligent and efficient. More of them are showing up on web pages and have become highly customized. Most of them have bright colors, making them stand out for the user. Some companies have gone as far as giving these bots a personal touch in the form of a friendly face to make user experiences more enjoyable.

7. Video Content 

Video content for the web is nothing new, but in 2019 it has become popular with many websites. Video offers this diversity to the page and is ideal for the kind of audience that has no time to read everything on a page they visit. The video captures their attention immediately. Videos have made websites to become more searchable and offer quality content efficiently and in a shareable way. It is a great way to enhance the design of a website and breaks the monotony of written word content. 

8. Minimalism 

This is one of the most popular trends of 2019. It is timeless and has been known to incorporate fewer elements and content on a website. Minimalism continues to dominate the digital landscape from the apps to the web pages. Companies have discovered that when a website is clutter-free and shows a user exactly what they are looking for, the site achieves its purpose and grows to its full potential. Minimalism continues to dominate the digital landscape, and it is going nowhere. Animations and other special effects make scrolling more engaging. At the same time, it gives the web pages that spacious look, which is very important and makes the pages less distracting and more focused on the crucial information.

9. Mobile-Friendly Designs 

The use of mobile devices has increased since the Internet became off age at the beginning of this decade.Web designers have realized this and are now creating mobile-friendly designs to accommodate this legion of mobile users.They have created their pages and included thumb-friendly navigation features to allow smooth movement through sites. 

With the final year of the decade fast approaching, we look forward to even more exciting web designs. The above ones are interesting enough. There is no doubt that in 2020, these trends will be even more enhanced and exciting to the delight of users and the companies that create them.

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