Web Development in 2020: Best Tools That Developers Need to Learn


Constructing a website entails putting in various elements that help the business grow and convert traffic into sales. However, some elements feel a little too complex for a non-techie person. Hence, consulting an experienced web developer may be the best option for you. Moreover, web developers are always updated with the latest tools, web design and technologies that would work best with your small business.

However, through the years, it continues to become harder to pick the tools that you need to create and build your website and boost your SEO for Amazon products.

Read through as we share various web development tools that you need to know about.



How often do you check your website visitors? Website visitors play an important role in determining how you’ll design your website and your marketing strategies. One tool that could help in that area is IPstack. This lets users find, locate, and determine website visitors based on their IP addresses.

IPstack is one of the most trusted tools and websites in the tech industry. Most internet service providers (ISP) work with them, and they guarantee that the information is truly accurate and precise.


Notable features

1. Location

IPstack users get pieces of information about the location of their visitors. You will get to know their zip codes. The information regarding their location helps with targeting ads better, hence it will be good for your ranking and for your business. It raises awareness for your brand and helps you reach out to other people outside your current location. Potentially, it can help you expand to other regions that are very responsive to your ads.

Another thing about ads, trends change. If you feel confused about how to sell on various eCommerce sites, try checking out this guide for selling on Amazon.

2. Currency

This works with the location feature. With the currency feature, you will be able to discover and learn about what currency users utilize when they do their transactions. Of course, this changes depending on their region.

3. Timezone

Working with a website includes different users, time zones, and regions. People live their lives according to which time zone they belong to. With that piece of information, it helps you design the website accordingly.

4. Security

Some people use proxies or VPNs to access some websites that may have been blocked in their country. Most people want to protect their privacy and their security. IPstack ensures that you will be secured whenever you access the website.



VSCode is an open-source editor that makes writing and editing code seem like you’re composing tweets on social media. This specific tool reinvented coding. You don’t have to worry about getting lost in the codes as this transformed coding into a more pleasant experience.

One of the pet peeves of web developers when it comes to coding is debugging. They find it time-consuming as it could be challenging especially if they need to print a hard copy of the debugging code or even manually look for the bug. With VSCode, you easily pinpoint the bug and fix it using the editor. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Two things about this tool, it has built-in Git commands and is free to use!


Creative Tim

Creative Tim gives Bootstrap-based design elements that help users work efficiently with their web development. Moreover, this helps developers create web and mobile apps with ease.

What can you do with Creative Tim?

  • Easily start your website with the pre-built themes or templates
  • Save time and focus on the main business operations
  • User-friendly Admin Templates
  • Pre-made templates for different sections and elements of the website



If you’re looking for a platform that will help you build, test, and deploy applications, Docker is the tool for you. It’s the quickest way to create cloud-ready applications that fit every modern citizen from the comfort of your home.

Benefits of using Docker for your business

  • Cost-efficient

Docker facilitates savings, especially for businesses. It does not use a lot of resources to run the same application. Moreover, it saves business owners from hefty server fees and labor costs for employees who will be maintaining them.

  • Compatibility

People wonder about different things, especially if it’s about tools that they need to use. Docker eliminates the problem of “it does not work on my machine because it only works on this platform” for good. Developers do not need to spend a lot of time debugging. Moreover, it has become easy-to-set-up especially for developers.

  • Diverse cloud platforms

These days, people make use of the cloud. The cloud makes everything portable especially to anyone who uses it because you don’t need to bring lots of backup hard drives if you have storage in the cloud. You just simply download your files from the cloud to your device.

The same goes for web developers. Docker allows web developers to make everything portable. It can be run on various cloud platforms such as Amazon EC2 instance, Rackspace server, Google Compute Engine instance, and even VirtualBox. Other platforms that can run Docker include Microsoft Azure and OpenStack.


Envato HTML Templates

Are you familiar with Envato? If you’ve casually browsed the internet for unique themes and other tools, Envato will be helpful for your website. With web development, Envato offers a broad collection of HTML5 templates that will save you time from creating themes from scratch. Most of the templates you’ll see in their collection are SEO-friendly and ready for use. Moreover, they offer optimized JS and CSS that really boost your page speed scores.

Trivia: Obtaining a fast page reload retains customers. It prevents them from going to other websites or seller profiles . 

What to look forward to with Envato

  • Their templates are based on Laravel, Angular, Bootstrap, and Vue.js
  • Choose between light and dark color scheme
  • Responsive SASS templates with support for multiple file upload
  • Lifetime updates for free!
  • Support for widgets, email tools, chatbots, and charts library
  • Pick your own color scheme!



One is a web development tool that provides a number of choices for user-friendly themes. You can use this tool for a lot of domains and projects. By that, we mean that you can use this for your multiple projects that contain different domain names. Now, isn’t that great?

Besides themes, One also has a diverse collection of plugins, stock photos, and add-ons that you can choose from. These may be used for personal and professional projects.

What to look forward to with One?

  • Tutorials (audio and video) that will help you figure out your website without hassle
  • Develop and create personal and professional websites without any hurdles
  • You can use Draftium tool for previewing your website
  • Easy-to-use for business purposes
  • Regular updates are given to active subscribers
  • 24/7 support
  • Access to TemplateMonster products



A lot of development tools exist and anybody can just get lost while finding the right one. Websites share a story. It presents different things—may it be personal or professional. That alone proves to be vital to a lot of people. Giving your business a home is one of the best things you can do in order to establish your business and boost your presence online. Aside from implementing various SEO strategies, you need to make sure that your website is SEO-friendly, too.

These six web development tools are the ones that you need to learn about and explore. Make sure to at least explore and try them out before subscribing!

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