What Could You Do with a Web Design / Development Degree?

As other industries and niches have shrunk over the years, the digital landscape has continued to grow, often at an incredible pace. Every day, companies discover new ways for us to take advantage of the digital world, both in our professional and personal lives. These days, we’re working from home, video conferencing, and designing apps, websites, and social media pages to capture audience attention.

That’s why a career in digital tech might be a good path to pursue. If you’ve always had a creative flair, but you’re interested in the IT world too, then a degree in web design or development could be the perfect option for you. We’re going to look at the difference between design and development courses, and which kind of jobs these educational avenues could lead you too.


What’s the Difference?

Web design and development aren’t exactly the same, though they are quite closely connected. A web designer is a graphic artist who styles and develops objects for the internet. These experts can use their creative energy to make an app or website look incredible on the front-end – the part the customer engages with. On the other hand, a developer is someone who works on the functionality of a site or app – and what goes on behind the scenes.

These developers work with programming languages to change the way that certain things act on the web. For instance, they could be responsible for changing the way an app loads or adjusting the checkout process on an online store. Most professionals like to build their skills in both areas, so that they can offer a wider range of services to their clients. Taking out student loans from a private lender will allow you to jump into next semester by choosing the courses that’s right for you in order to complete your undergraduate degree. You may even decide to combine two different learning paths together.


What Can You Do With this Kind of Degree?

Both web designers and developers are experts with a strong focus on the digital world. Many of them work on websites and graphic design, helping with things like building websites for companies, or programming multimedia marketing experiences. As a designer or developer, you can be a UX expert, responsible for making sure that customers can interact with a brand comfortably through various digital tools. You might also be responsible for creating content like ads and infographics. Some professionals experiment with things like animation and video creation, while others specialize in building apps that help to make teams more productive. You could even get involved with the game development side of things if you’ve always been a gamer at heart.

The degree will also lend itself to other jobs, by giving you a variety of useful skills to tap into. For instance, if you know how to build software, then it makes sense that you would also do well as a software engineer or tester. You could also be an IT systems manager that deals with issues in software, or a sales professional who sells programs to companies and other clients.


How Do You Find the Right Career?

As you earn your degree, one of the best things you can do is develop as much experience as possible. Try building your own websites and apps from scratch so you can create a portfolio to show to future employers. This will give companies an insight into your technical ability and what you can really do.  Some educational facilities even give their students the chance to access paid placements during their studies.

You can volunteer to develop your skills, and work on things in your spare time, or get involved with competitions online with one of the digital communities that you join. Remember to spend your time developing a good network of connections too. It’s often who you know, and the positive feedback that you can get from other clients that leads to the best opportunities in this industry.

One other point to think about when you’re starting a career is how you want to work. Although it’s entirely possible that you’ll find a traditional job with a company or agency that offers design and development service, you might prefer to set up your own venture instead. You can start life as a freelance and advertise your work online. Though this requires more marketing and portfolio work, it also means that you can choose the clients that you want to work with based on the jobs you like doing. With such a versatile degree in your pocket, the world could be your oyster.

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