3 Excellent Essay Writing Themes For WordPress

Nowadays, many online developers actively use WordPress. It’s an open source platform that is written in PHP that helps anyone create a website in a few hours. It is probably the most effective way to blog and manage your content. There are many themes available to facilitate that job. It’s possible to create a website that is 100% yours (as long as you have your own hosting and domain). Thus, many website owners use WordPress and its themes.

It is especially important for essay writing websites like papercheap.co.uk as they must have original, organised menus and other pages. They offer resources that help students write great pieces and are simply obliged to create a perfect interface.

Regardless of whether you have been given a professional title, attempt and discover an ‘edge’ that intrigues you. Great assets for essay content are the Web, composing or digital books, diaries or even meetings of gifted individuals in your picked essay. When you discover your theme, the following thing to concentrate on is the structure of your essay.


Get to know your target audience

If you want to attract visitors, you should understand what they need and what they love. Some writing approaches may be effective for one kind of audience and not effective for another. Knowing your audience will help you come up with the right message, creating an irresistible copy based on specific pain points.

Think of your target prospects’ personal background and environment. What are their main goals, challenges, and preferences? This information will help you create a buyer persona.

Now, we’ll shed some light on 3 great WordPress themes that could be used for essay writing websites:


PostMagazine Pro

PostMagazine Pro lets you choose various blog post layouts to impress your visitors with originality and elegance.

The theme allows adding your own logo and substitute the typical homepage hero with any image that you prefer. A post slider is available to advertise your writing services. WooCommerce is integrated for selling products and services. You’ll also enjoy custom widgets and 31 sidebar positions to promote lots of content (ads, images, videos, text) nearly anywhere you want.



It’s an interesting variant which is used by many educators. It’s actually an education-based theme that is of great popularity. It has an outstanding graphics builder, offers lots of widgets for events and searching for work, contains sliders, and a powerful gallery builder. The theme is very fast and it won’t take long to upload the necessary content to your pages. The design is minimalistic but its visual attraction is amazing.



Using Forward, one may easily create his/her own brand and develop it in the way he/she wishes. You can, so to speak, add personality to your website and make it step out of the crowd. It gives you the ability to sell products and services using WooCommerce. The theme includes various widgets. Get category links, ads, the latest posts and so on. It is accessible on smartphones. The theme is fully responsive and fast.



Blogging is important for writing services. Blog posts contain some helpful tips and examples about how to complete this or that piece of writing and it will also boost your SEO (thus, more traffic). This attracts more potential customers and creates a sense of authority.

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