7 Top WordPress Plugins For Website Accessibility

Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the World Wide Web, said:

“The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”

A website should be accessible to all people irrespective of their language, location, or abilities.

However, there are some websites that are inaccessible to people who are differently-abled.

Website accessibility plugins open your website to people with disabilities.

Making your website accessible improves your site’s usability to make it more friendly for differently-abled persons.


Here are the top seven plugins to improve your website accessibility:

1- accessiBe

accessiBe is a web accessibility plugin for WordPress which helps you to convert your regular website into an accessibility-optimized website.

It is an automated WordPress accessibility plugin for WCAG compliance.

accessiBe is trusted by hundreds of businesses like Avon and Hilton.

Top Features

  • To help visitors navigate the website, accessiBe provides various keyboard navigation adjustments such as dropdowns, pop-ups, and buttons.
  • accessiBe also offers a certificate of performance for WCAG, ADA, Section 508, and EAA/EN.
  • With the help of accessiBe, you get various automatic screen-reader adjustments, including icons, buttons, forms, texts, controls, and other options.
  • accessiBe is an AI-powered software that automatically makes all the newly added pages on your website accessible to all.


accessiBe pricing starts from $490 for up to 1,000 unique website pages and goes up to $3,490 for up to 1M unique pages per year.


2- WP Accessibility

WP Accessibility is yet another excellent WordPress accessibility plugin which lets you optimize your website for common accessibility issues.

By using WP Accessibility, you don’t need to edit your website’s coding, as it adds all the essential web accessibility functions to your website easily.

Top Features

  • With WP Accessibility, you can add user-defined skip links to your website with ease.
  • You can add long descriptions to the images by using the “Description” field.
  • WP Accessibility also enables you to label the WordPress form fields, including search and comments.
  • You can easily test the contrast between two color values to make your site viewable to color blinds. 


WP Accessibility is free to use.


3- One Click Accessibility

One Click Accessibility is a WordPress plugin to make your website more accessible in a faster way. It is compatible with almost every WordPress theme. 

One Click Accessibility comes with plenty of features which needs minimal setup time, and also you don’t need any expert knowledge to start using the plugin.

Top Features

  • Offer your website visitors an option to skip to the content using One Click Accessibility’s “Skip to content“ feature.
  • It comes with a toolbar where you get all the accessibility options.
  • To help optimize the website for accessibility, you can add landmark roles to the links.
  • It offers a “Customizer” which you can use to add style adjustment options on your site.
  • To make the elements more focused, One Click Accessibility enables you to add outline over focusable elements.


One Click Accessibility is free to use.


4- WP Accessibility Helper

WP Accessibility Helper is a type of accessibility plugin which solves problems such as font sizing, contrast, image alt tags, titles and much more.

With over 30 basic and advanced accessibility options, you can perform different types of customizations on your website.

WP Accessibility Helper also provides in-depth documentation which you can use to start using the plugin.

Top Features

  • WP Accessibility Helper comes with a “DOM Scanner”, which helps you check posts and pages for various accessibility errors related to title, links role, and others.
  • To make the site more accessibility compliant, you can remove all the CSS files from the site and display the page in only HTML format.
  • It enables users to open and close the accessibility toolbar with just a single click (Alt+Z for open and Alt+X for close).
  • WP Accessibility Helper provides you with an option where you can provide both dark and light themes to the website visitor.


WP Accessibility Helper is free to use.


5- AccessibleWP Toolbar

With 4.5+ rating on the WordPress plugin directory, we can say that AccessibleWP Toolbar is a popular WordPress accessibility plugin.

AccessibleWP provides a dedicated toolbar where you can provide various accessibility options to your users to make it easier for differently-abled users to browse your website.

Top Features

  • The “Dark Contract” option of AccessibleWP Toolbar enables users to change the website colour to dark contrast.
  • You can allow visitors to mark the titles and links on your website.
  • AccessibleWP Toolbar lets you change the site colors to grayscale colors with the “Monochrome” option.
  • The accessibility option called “Disable Animation” allows users to disable or deactivate the CSS animations from the website.


AccessibleWP Toolbar is free to use.


6- Accessibility by UserWay

Accessibility by UserWay is a popular plugin officially provided by UserWay.

It is a WordPress accessibility plugin that enables you to optimize your website for accessibility settings without even touching any single piece of code.

UserWay has made over 10 million pages accessible worldwide.

Top Features

  • With Accessibility by UserWay, you make your site more accessible to the users by just adding a single line of JavaScript code.
  • Apart from WordPress, UserWay supports other major site creation platforms, including Wix, Shopify, Weebly, and Joomla.
  • Accessibility by UserWay comes with fully AI-powered accessibility widgets such as keyboard navigation, screen reader, form labels, online dictionary, and other.
  • To increase branding, it comes with a white label and custom branding options.


Accessibility by UserWay is free to use.


7- Accessibility WordPress Plugin

Accessibility WordPress Plugin is a premium web accessibility plugin for WordPress.

By using this plugin, you can add an accessibility toolbar to your website with various options which makes your site accessible to the world.

It’s UI is so simple that even beginners can install it on their website without any hustles.

Top Features

  • The “Text To Speech Engine” feature lets you add speech functionality to your website with ease.
  • It comes with the “Screen Mask” feature, which lets you mask the screen to the content on your website to only concentrate on the important content.
  • With just one click, you can simplify any webpage on your site for colors, texts, fonts, and contrast.
  • To help users go through your website, you can increase the cursor size, which automatically changes whenever someone hovers over links and buttons.


Accessibility is a premium plugin that costs you $26 for a lifetime.



Using the above accessibility plugins, you can make your website available for disabled people. I personally recommend accessiBe because it is the best in terms of features, benefits and pricing. However, you can use any of the above plugins on your website to open it for each and every user on the web.

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