How to Properly Design Page 404


How many times have you come across a page on the Internet that says the requested page does not exist?

And, what did you usually do in this situation?

Most likely, you just clicked on the “X” or close button and left without trying to figure out the reasons for what happened.

In the same way, visitors to your site periodically see error 404:

“What is it?”, they wonder, and proceed to close the tab in their browser in a hurry. In this case, you lose another potential customer.

And, that’s usually because error 404 is a poorly designed page with the same message about a document or file that does not exist.


Why is the design of a 404 page so important

To begin with, let’s remember what error 404 is – the server response code about the inability to display the document due to its absence.

Most often this error is caused by:

  • broken links;
  • change of the page address;
  • an error when writing a URL in the address bar;
  • deleting a page or terminating the existence of the site.

It turns out that there are quite a few options and you can not exclude them all. So, you need to know what page 404 should be in case a user gets on it, he would return to work with the web resource instead of leaving it.


What the correct 404 page may look like

  • It is attractive when the design of the 404 page matches the whole webpage so that the visitor doesn’t feel that he jumped to another site.
  • The proper 404 page ought to contain a reference to the main page and the menu. In that way, the guest can undoubtedly come back to the site without wondering what shall he or she do next.
  • The humorous 404 page is probably the most ideal approach to get the client to take this circumstance and persuade them not to leave. What’s more, you may use some funny pictures relevant to the topic of your website.
  • This page is very suitable for expressing unusual creative ideas that are inappropriate in other sections of the website.
  • Moreover, excellent 404 pages smooth out negative feelings that happen in such a case, which will improve social factors a bit. Fantasize! You can mix the above proposals and offer a link to your main page creatively.
  • Remember to quickly explain to the guest why he sees your 404 page. All things considered, not every person realizes what a 404 mistake is and how to carry on when it is distinguished. In any case, you ought not to go into specialized tech details. Leave everything short and simple.
  • Finally, if you do not have too much of a creative flair, you may always look through examples of the 404 error page on the Internet!


What is the design of 404 pages that you use? We’d love to see some examples, both funny and creative!

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