Why Data Matters for Team Productivity

In the modern era, work is changing. Accelerated by the need to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the remote working scene is exploding across the world, leaving employers and employees considering new styles of work and new patterns of productivity. Yet, to understand how this new regime of work will affect the world and your business, you need to understand the productivity data that your company has access to. In this article, you will learn what that means for companies in the web marketing and design industry.


Data is everywhere, as digital specialists, SEO-drivers, and web designers are all too aware. It is in the words that you process and the clicks that you make. It is in the duration of your Skype calls and the length of your emails. This means that you can collect data from a wide range of activities to understand what your employees are doing when they’re out of the office. And your employees, who know you are collecting this data, will be pressed to ensure that their own personal data statistics – for productivity – are impressive.


The work-from-home revolution, ongoing and developing as it is, may come as quite a shock to those companies that prefer the traditional office-hours working routine. Indeed, many companies will at first be inflexible to the demands of staff to take a little more time working from home. Nonetheless, if you have data concerning the productivity of your team, there’s no reason not to grant them their wish to work remotely from time to time. That is because you can make a simple comparison between their data when working in the office and their data when working at home. You may be surprised to see where they are most productive.

Digital Resources

Whether you’re working from home or working at the office, the data that you collect on your colleagues will concern their use of digital resources, which are huge assets for web-based companies and those which deal with digital marketing and website design. If you use a high-powered software like unified communications analytics, you’ll be able to take in the data from a number of your vital digital resources, to see how they’re influencing your team’s productivity over time. This is deeply important for when it comes to your review of the software, helping you decide what works and what doesn’t.

Weak Spots

Other than your digital applications and tools themselves, there’s also the need for you to measure how your team performs in specific tasks. This will inform future training modules you offer, as well as the revised working options that you ask your team to observe. Productivity is all-encompassing, and without the data on your team’s performance, you may be unaware of the logjams and snags that are delaying your team’s excellent work, putting a stopper in their productivity. Use the data you glean to inform your revised working processes to boost productivity and profits.

Data is core to modern business – and you must know how to harness it to make your business grow from strength to strength.

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