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The WordPress WHOIS plugin was built by myself with the inspiration offered by Berrie Pelser from BerArt Visual Design. The plugin is a free package which allows you to place a domain search form on your WordPress website so that your users can see whether or not a domain is available or possibly obtain contact and other information about the domain. I consider it to be the perfect plugin for a vast range of websites focusing on technical and technology related topics. Take a hosting or web development service provider as a good example.

Since the initial release of the plugin in November 2008 and 147 total downloads, we threw around some ideas and discussed new features to be developed. Primarily, the plugin got a settings page in the WordPress dashboard so that you can easily configure its features and offerings without having to edit any code in the plugin. New features include the ability to configure TLDs by ticking off the ones you want to use and ordering/sorting them whichever way you like. Additionally, certain capabilities can be turned off in the settings section such as the turing number to prevent bots/spammers from submitting the form without proper recognition.

I created a mailing list for the WordPress WHOIS plugin here on the Tribulant Blog so that you can subscribe to it in case you are interested in receiving news updates via email when the new version of this plugin is released. There is an RSS feed for the WordPress WHOIS plugin specifically as well. I’m sending this to all subscribers as an announcement. Berrie and I were talking just now and the plugin is almost ready to be released. I’m still making a few minor changes and tweaking internal behavior. A release announcement will be posted here and if you already have v1.0 of the plugin installed on your WordPress website, the dashboard will notify you of the update in the “Plugins” section of WordPress.

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  1. Joe Randolph on September 21, 2011

    I installed this plugin and it works nicely. It has one side effect though, when I go to dashboard to edit pages, the editing platform has all the text whited out in visual mode. If I go to HTML mode, I can view the text and code. I deactivated the plugin to see if that was the cause, and low and behold, everything worked properly in visual mode as well. Is there a fix for this problem?

  2. zir007 on October 7, 2009

    is this plugin working on the local server machine.. ?

  3. Berrie Pelser on January 29, 2009

    Perecft, the Whois plugin is working almost 100% now 🙂

    • Antonie Potgieter on February 2, 2009

      Hi Berrie! Yes, it is working great now. New development is on the way.


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