10 Best Affiliate Plugins for your WordPress Website for Marketing

Are you an ardent WordPress blogger looking to monetise your blog? Do you have a huge readership base that rely on you for recommendations of products and services?

This is possible through affiliate marketing where you garner huge profits in the form of paid commissions! Isn’t it great?


Top 3 Reasons to not miss out on affiliate marketing:

  • Your image and identity can actually earn you money. Just give it a color of affiliate marketing and you are good to go!
  • You don’t even need to own the products yourself. Just recommend and you earn commissions from 20%-50% of the product price or even more.
  • It is a disguised form of adverts and irksome banners are not a good sight for anyone. So, you need to switch to more natural form of marketing.

It is no longer under the sheets that WordPress plugin development has come a long way.

After skimming through the above mentioned benefits of using the Affiliate marketing plugins, let’s have a look at the exclusive list below.


Top 10 Best WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugins:


1. AffiliateWP: A powerhouse of features

AffiliateWP is the king of WordPress affiliate marketing plugins. A milestone in the WordPress plugin development industry, it is:

  • Incredibly easy to set up and make use of the agile features of this plugin.
  • Active development and high quality code using WordPress standards.
  • Well-coded plugin with lightweight easy installation process.
  • You get increased sales and boosted traffic.


2. Pretty Links: Get rid of ugly links now!

Pretty Links does the work pretty much like its name. There are many benefits of using this affiliate marketing plugin in your WordPress website:

  • Automatic creation of links. No fussing around at all!
  • Link Cloaking becomes easier with this plugin and track report in detail is available.
  • Keyword replacement across the blog.
  • 200,000+ active installation with great reviews.


3. Thirsty Affiliates: Quickly Add and Manage Links:

Thirsty Affiliates with around 10,000+ active installations, this WordPress plugin is a tool for simple and quick marketing while you write your blog on the go:

  • Creates a short link which is not messy and long at all. And yes! The shortened link is your own website domain URL.
  • “TA” button helps to add the affiliate link on the go.
  • Link management is a breeze with this plugin. No complex setups, guys!


4. Amazon Link Engine: Redirection to the best Amazon Stores

Amazon Link Engine  has 2000+ active installations and we are pretty much impressed with this plugin. Here’s why?

  • Amazon is the #1 ecommerce website right now. The opportunity is large!
  • Get international affiliate commissions from your traffic.
  • Expansive track reports of the traffic.


5. Affiliates Manager: Boost sales of your e-store

Affiliates Manager currently has 9000+ active users. It is the most preferred for those who want to drive sales to their ecommerce store.

  • Stable and unfussy management of the affiliate program.
  • Track report of the referrals.
  • Proper commission payouts to the marketers.
  • Track 1 or 1000 affiliates in one go!


6. Affiliates: Growth-oriented tool

Definitely, Affiliates is an affiliate providing system with free and premium integrations. It has 6000+ active users.

  • Quickstart your affiliate program with automated registrations.
  • It is the best plugin for the e-commerce store owners.
  • Lead generation, tracking and more amazing features.
  • Even customized solutions are possible if WordPress plugin development services are used for this plugin!


7. Auto Affiliate Links: Reach major marketplaces

Add links automatically with Auto Affiliate Links plugin that has 3000+ users right now.

  • Manual adding of the links is also possible if you want to focus on a keyword.
  • Extraction of links from major marketplaces like Amazon, Envato, eBay and more!


8. Easy Affiliate Links: Make things clutter-free

Easy Affiliate Links lets you manage your affiliate needs under one roof:

  • Cloaked as well as the regular non-cloaked links can be managed easily using this WordPress plugin.
  • Shortlink creation with an option to cloak affiliate links.
  • You can keep certain links uncloaked to strike balance with Amazon!


9. Simple URLs: A performance focused plugin

Simple URLs is a power-packed WordPress affiliate plugin with 9000+ active users.

  • URL management system to manage the outbound links.
  • Creation, editing and tracking of links is such a breeze using this plugin.
  • You can easily avoid permalink conflicts and thus, keep away from any issues that can arise.


10. Affiliate Coupons: Promote deals and discounts

Affiliate Coupons is a pretty much useful WordPress plugin for Affiliate marketing and has 1000+ installs.

  • Easily promote the special deals and discount coupons of the products to gain more sales and thus, high revenue from them.
  • Coupons created using this plugin can be linked to the vendors.
  • You can even assign categories to the coupons for better management.


And a bonus one:

11. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is independent affiliate software that can be used on any website. It has a WordPress plugin available as well to integrate easily with WordPress.

  • Different types of tracking methods
  • Various commission structures
  • Full-blown reporting with everything you need
  • Links, banners and other promotional materials
  • Very well known and popular


Final Words:

Genuineness attracts attention and thus, more sales and passive income flows to you as long as you keep your readers posted about product and brand reviews. It is not a surprising fact that WordPress plugin development has taken this strategy to a whole new level.

Affiliate marketing is definitely a camouflaged ad tool which will flow naturally with your tone and style of interaction with your blog readers.

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